5 Captivating K-Pop Dances Created By Talented Choreographer Bada Lee

Even before the first season of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter“, the dance community has slowly been creeping into the spotlight. Choreographers have been gaining immense praise for their hard work in the K-Pop industry. They are receiving deserved recognition for their craft and the countless hours they spend coming up with the perfect movement for idols everywhere.

Now, with “Street Woman Fighter 2“, even more dancers are being recognized across the globe. One name that’s been popping up all across social media is Bada Lee. While on the show, she’s the talented and reliable leader of dance crew BEBE. But among the dance and K-Pop community, she is revered as a trendy dancing queen, able to make choreography with the potential to go viral. Her resume is extensive, as she’s participated as both a dancer and choreographer for various artists.

However, today we only look at a few of her works that became the talk among communities everywhere. Here are 5 K-Pop dances created by Bada Lee.


1. aespa – ‘Next Level’

There were a lot of hands that went into creating the choreography for aespa’s ‘Next Level’ — and Bada Lee was one of them! Among the dance community and beyond, she’s been widely credited and praised for her hard work on the track. The dance for ‘Next Level’ is absolutely iconic with it’s angled point choreography that everyone loves to imitate.


‘ZOO’ in itself is incredibly hip and trendy, with a choreography to match. The ones credited for creating the dance are TaeYong and Bada Lee. With such an electrifying beat, it’s hard to remain in place. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself grooving in and out of your seat, making an attempt at the viral choreography.


THE BOYZ are known for their explosive stage presence, setting the studio ablaze with their burning passion. The choreography for ‘Maverick’ highlighted their strengths and credit for that can be given to Bada. The energy in her execution is absolutely mindboggling as she tears up the dance studio. There’s a reason Bada has created a legacy within the dance community, and she shows this every time her body starts to move.


The moment ‘Rover’ released, it had K-Pop fans in a chokehold. The melody was catchy and combined with Kai’s enchanting vocals, you could feel yourself falling even deeper in love with the idol. Then, when it comes to the dance, it is an absolute masterpiece. Bada was but one of the dancers credited for its creation and once again proved her brilliance. As a dance challenge, many idols stepped up to the plate, making ‘Rover’ a viral sensation.


5. Dynamic Duo & Lee Young Ji – ‘Smoke’

‘Smoke’ was made specifically for the leaders of “Street Woman Fighter 2”. After much consideration, Bada’s choreography was selected and she eventually became the main dancer for the wildly addictive track. It has since gone viral, with countless idols and dancers alike trying their hand at the increasingly popular choreography. The ‘Smoke’ challenge is just another piece of evidence of Bada Lee’s never-ending talent.

These dances are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes Bada’s dancing prowess.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!