4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

4 November 2022 Off By admin

K-Pop idols delving into acting has been a tale as old as time, as some of these actors who are delivering amazing and stellar acting performances on our screens today, first debuted as an idol. These stars have shown that their talents do not just lie in music alone as they also have the ability to thrill and entertain with their acting skills. Continuing this impressive run, many 4th generation idols are slowly going into acting, with many starring either as leads in successful hit TV or web drama series and movies as well.

The K-Drama world is filled with diverse genres and themes that feed its global viewers’ interest. From horror to rom-com, there is just enough for everybody, and a readily available base of actors poised with talents to deliver good performances in the various genres. As more 4th generation idols are getting into acting these days, we have come up with a list of idols who we (as well as fans) believe have the talents required for acting and the various genres where they would excel the most in.


High-teen / college drama 

High-teen / college dramas center around the lives of youths. These often fictional stories also shed some valuable insights into the realities experienced by youths today. Dramas like “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” and “My Id Is Gangnam Beauty” have central plots that have been able to capture the essence of youths. From the struggle to achieve their dreams to love, dealing with societal pressures, and self-acceptance, many of these themed dramas touch on some subjects that viewers can relate to. Here are some of the idols who we believe can play role in this genre.

1. P1Harmony’s InTak

FNC Entertainment

InTak is one of the 4th generation idols whose acting debut many fans are impatiently waiting for. He knows how to put on a show and it is quite surprising that he hasn’t been handed a script yet. He showed off his budding acting talent in the P1Harmony movie “P1Harmony: The Beginning Of A New World“. Even though he was still a rookie, with his amazing expressions, dialogue, and awareness, his impressive acting convinced many fans of a possible acting-dol title in the future.

Today, we have seen him grow into the star who completely slays the stage with his iconic performances. From his captivating facial expressions to his beautiful dance lines that makes him look like a moving art piece, InTak has earned his due as a fierce performer, and now, we want him to start earning his name as a budding actor.

InTak is smart, charismatic, confident, well-spoken, and witty. He has a very magnetic aura that draws the attention of people to him. Even when he is in the midst of equally talented or handsome idols. His interactions are always fun and enjoyable to watch. He understands his capabilities and often pushes himself to be even better. A trait that will no doubt come in handy when he stars in a series. A high-school series would be the perfect start for him.

Perhaps playing the role of a hero, this slice-of-life drama will showcase the life and struggles of a teenager with the present-day structures and pressures. It will be funny but with serious and thought-provoking elements that would make people understand one another even better. And with InTak’s brilliance and passion, he will be able to do this real justice.

Fans are also looking forward to his acting debut as well. Check out some of the tweets below.


2. ATEEZ’s YunHo

YunHo is peak actor material and he deserves more drama offers. YunHo already made his debut as an actor in the idol-themed drama “Imitation”. While he might have been the 2nd lead, the did have various scene-stealer moments that left many fans impressed by his acting and other considerably shocked that this was his debut work.

YunHo has always had the vibes of an actor. He has a very refined, dignified, and elegant aura. Quite similar to Hallyu actor Lee MinHo or Lee DongWook. Not only are his aura and personality the typeset of an actor, but his visuals are also perfect as well. Tall and handsome, his drool-worthy features are always an attention grabber and he seals the deal with his passion and hard work that bolsters his ever-increasing talents.

While we can quite easily picture YunHo playing roles in any kind of genre, we would love to especially see him in a college drama. A story that centers on the lives of a diverse set of college students. Their interpersonal struggles, love, friendship, and the quest to succeed amidst societal pressures.


3. CRAVITY’s WonJin

Before his official debut as an idol, WonJin already made his debut as an actor at age 9. Between the years 2010 and 2015, he starred in various notable dramas and movies. Some of which were “Feast of Gods“, “Heaven’s order“, “Dong-Yi” and “Mother” to name a few.

Now at age 21 and having left an impressive stamp in the minds of viewers with his increasing musical and performance talents, it might be time to dust off those acting skills again. He once revealed that he started acting because he was too shy when he was younger and his mom thought acting would help him become more confident. A plan that has clearly worked, today WonJin has a bubbly and bright personality that makes him such a loveable idol. From his various appearances on variety shows, he is pretty well-spoken, can carry on a conversation, and oftentimes, he has a super chaotic energy that serves as the spark of an entertaining show.

With his background and confidence, WonJin seems to have the prowess to pull off a role in any K-Drama genre. However, with his youthful looks and bright aura, we believe, a high-teen web drama would be the perfect type cast for him. Perhaps he could play the supporting role of the quiet but smart high school student, who faces abuse both at home and in school. His story will be used as the anchor for what makes the main lead (hero) fully understand himself and ends up saving him and a host of others.



Thrillers are one of the most popular K-Drama genres. Dramas like “Big Mouth” and “Vincenzo” are some of the most popular dramas from this genre. Filled with nail-biting suspense scenes, and climactic scenarios, thrillers are exciting, fun, and nerve-wracking, all of which are the perfect recipe for an entertaining time. Here are some of the idols who we believe can act in a thriller K-Drama.


1. TREASURE’s DoYoung

DoYoung’s close-to-perfect display of his acting talents in the TREASURE web series “The Mysterious Class” will always serve as a solid proof of reference whenever we ask for him to star in a drama series. He truly delivered an outstanding performance. A performance so well done that he didn’t look like an idol but a trained actor. And looking at his character from that series, it is safe to say that a thriller genre would be perfect for him.

DoYoung has a duality of charms that feeds the fancy of a diverse pool of fans. He could be cute and cheery bright or he could be cool and almost cold-like as well. His expressions are part of what makes him unique and he effortlessly exudes a very charismatic aura that is truly intriguing and enthralling. (Looking at him, some might find a great urge to want to know what makes him tick and what lies in his beautiful head.)

A thriller genre where he plays the supporting role of a teenager, whose storyline is linked to the villain of the series. In this fictional drama, his character is perhaps the cold and distant student is feared and respected by his classmates because of his parent’s status. However, his perfect life is all fake as he is a victim of abuse by his serial killer father. He becomes afraid that he might end up like his father and as much as he wants to, he cannot escape his father’s grip. Things however start to take a turn for the better when he sees a way out of his trauma through the main lead.


2. AB6IX’s Park WooJin

Park WooJin might have no real acting experience, but he does have the talents and confidence to star in a drama. An idol who is known for his hard work and consistency to continue growing, Park WooJin continues to earn his space in the hearts of his growing Fandom with his impressive talents. And if he has the opportunity to delve into acting, we are sure, he will do exceedingly well as just like every other thing he does, he never disappoints.

Park WooJin has an eclectic skill set that makes him unique. As a rapper and performer, he is quick-witted, smart, and fierce, and his expressions on stage are always engrossing. And combined with his striking visuals and quirky personality, we believe he has the traits that would make him perfect for a role in a thriller series. And he would be a brilliant villain.

Playing the role of a rich heir who has been the victim of abuse since when he was little. Now that he is older, he knows nothing about love and pain is the only way he chooses to express himself. He has a twisted quest to prove himself to his father, and he is involved in a murder case that sees him as the potential suspect. Filled with many twists and turns, this suspense-filled story will delve into the psyche of a victim turned predator and a quest of finding one’s true self amidst traumatic experiences.


3. Ciipher’s Tan

When it comes to acting, Tan showed he is a potential top star. He made his acting debut with the fantasy medical drama “Ghost Doctor”. A stellar performance that showcased his budding acting talents and duly earned him praises from many viewers of the series. And now he is set to make his acting comeback as the main cast of the web drama “Phantom School“. Judging by his display of talents both in his debut drama and on various variety shows where he has taken up acting challenges, we believe he will also deliver yet another stellar performance.

The thriller genre seems the genre he can fully shine as an actor. With his towering physique, striking visuals, and cool-like expressions, he does seem to have the qualities of an amazing action thriller actor. Notwithstanding, he also has an impressive duality of expressions and attitude that can see him take on a role in any genre. But for the sake of this article, we believe he has a stronger potential to be the future star of the action thriller genre.

A role with a redemptive arc is always interesting and one that would suit him as well. In this fictional series, he could play the supporting role of a character whose father tries to save his mother and the rest of the town from a religious cult. He has a distant relationship with his father who divorced his mother when he was younger. And after years away, he moves back to town only to find the consequences of his actions and see that the town is being run by a religious fanatic who harms anyone who doesn’t share his belief.


Historical dramas

Historical dramas are one of the most popular genres in K-Drama lands. Not only do they serve as a beautiful art form that sheds light on various aspects of history, but they also serve as a truly enjoyable cinematic experience. From the stunning outfits to the gorgeous settings, many historical dramas rank as some of the favorite dramas for fans. And with a long list of Idols who have starred in this genre and delivered iconic performances, like EXO’s BaekHyun in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo“, VICTON’s ByungChan and SF9’s RoWoon in “The King’s Affection”, and BTS’ V in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior” here are some of the 4th gen idols we believe will do well here too.


1. BAE173’s HanGyul

Lee HanGyul has already begun showing his acting talents having made his debut in the college-themed web series “Love In A Blackhole” back in 2021. A work that received positive reviews from fans who had been waiting for his acting debut since he first came on the music scene. And although he has been mainly focused on leading his team to great musical success these days, acting is another way to garner positive exposure too. And Lee HanGyul is a prime fit for an actor.

He has a duality that is simply uncanny and mystifying. A wonderful trait that sees him with the ability to take on any kind of character. He can be poise and elegant in one shot, fierce and charismatic, or simply the funniest and most chaotic being in another. Regardless of the persona he puts on, Lee HanGyul always ensures that whoever is watching him, is truly entertained and happy.

We have drawn up various characters Lee HanGyul could potentially play in the future. You can read that article here. However, there is one prevalent character we believe he is a typecast for, and that is a prince in a historical drama. Web or TV drama, either as a lead or supporting character, a role that sees him portray the life and story of one of the Princes from the historical times would be brilliant.


2. Stray Kids’ Lee Know

We made a list of idols who we believe should star in a rom-com, you can read it here. Lee Know’s inclusion sparked some interesting conversations about his personality type and with pros and cons of him having a romantic love interest. Delving further into his personality and aura, if a rom-com is not at the top of his genre list, we believe a historical drama would be the next best option.

Lee Know is strong, confident, sassy, dutiful, thoughtful, diligent, and passionate. He has a very fierce and charismatic presence that seizes your attention, even when he is not trying to. He is a dreamboat and every feature he has is vividly attractive. Asides from all these, one thing that always makes Lee Know stand out is his passion. He is always ready to give his 110%. We have seen this timelessly since his debut and much like his music and performances, we believe he will apply the same energy if given an acting opportunity.

He can play a supporting role in a historical drama where he plays the character of a fierce swordsman, who doesn’t say much but his actions always serve as an arc of the main story.



Fantasy dramas are fictional work of art that portrays a mythical story that revolves around magic and superpowers. This genre is slowly becoming famous in K-Drama land these days and it has seen many idols playing either lead roles (like BTOB’s SungJae in “The Golden Spoon”) or supporting roles (like SF9’s DaWon in “Doom At Your Service”). Like every other genre, there are many idols who possess the qualities that would befit them playing roles in this genre. Here are some of them.


1. ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama


The powerful maknae, Ni-Ki has a very cool and reserved personality that makes him quite mysterious and intriguing. He is confident, smart, strong-willed, and charismatic. He is also fiercely dutiful, thoughtful, and protective. We have seen this in his interactions with his other members and fans as well. He might not be the most expressive in his group but his moments are always felt with an impact and that is what makes him special.

And combined with his godly visuals! He is true magic and who better to star in a magical series than one who looks and sounds like a mystical being? Perhaps playing the role of the son of a mystical being in a fantasy drama would be a good fit for him. A character who is known for his cute but mischievous antics but also possesses some redemptive qualities that enrich the storyline of the series.


2. ATEEZ’s YeoSang

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

KQ Entertainment

If casting directors need an idol to play the role of a vampire in a teen series, then they should ring up KQ Entertainment’s line and ask for YeoSang because he will be perfect for that role. With his spellbinding ethereal visuals, stunning physique, and mystical aura, YeoSang already commands a host of fans who are simply intrigued by him.

With his charismatic flair and passion, he will no doubt keep that intrigue alive if he stars in a fantasy drama. Over the years, we have seen him go from being the shy one to being the confident savage he is today. He is well-versed, smart, witty, and a quick thinker, which is perhaps one of the reasons why he is an MC on “The Show”.

He also knows how to hold a dialogue and his facial expressions and reactions are always entertaining to watch. This can be seen in various ATEEZ’s contents as well. With all these traits, he clearly has a lot to offer, and never one to back down from a challenge, he will no doubt give his best in a drama. And a fantasy drama would be a great start.

Playing the role of a vampire in a teen flick would suit him perfectly. His character could be the adorable geek, who is bitten by his female crush after a first kiss. He turns into a vampire and as he tries to find a cure for it, he also has to hide his new form from his friends while trying not to drain their blood.


3. THE BOYZ’s YoungHoon

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

IST Entertainment

YoungHoon has also already made his debut in the teen series “Love Revolution” and his acting gained him a ton of positive acclaim from fans. He made a comeback with his guest role appearances in the series “One The Woman” in 2021 and again, even though his screen time wasn’t as much, he left an impression on the minds of viewers. It clearly shows that he takes acting very seriously and perhaps he wants to continue showing his colors as an actor by taking more diverse roles in the future.

YoungHoon has the traits and features that would make him a perfect casting for a major role in a fantasy drama. He oozes a strong and charismatic appeal that many find so attractive and charming. And with 2 great works already under his belt, he clearly has the talents and passion to take on any challenging role.

One of the genres we would love to see him play a role in is Fantasy. Playing the supporting character of a young orphan who upon turning 20, gains mysterious powers that suddenly see him as the target of many people who wishes to use him for their gains. He has to join forces with the main leads in other to survive while also trying to uncover the mystery around his birth.



The Horror genre is becoming a favorite amongst K-Dfans these days. Series like “The Great Shaman Ga DooShim”, “Sweet Home”, and “All Of Us Are Dead” are making this genre more popular today. Scary and frightening but still very interesting and exciting, fans’ interest have been solidly piqued in this genre. Here are some of the idols who we believe can play a role in this genre.


1. TREASURE’s Choi HyunSuk

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama


Even a horror series can be funny and Choi HyunSuk might just be the typecast to play the comic relief in this themed series. Bursting with chaotic energies, every moment with Choi HyunSuk could serve as a comedic highlight reel as he is truly entertaining to watch. He has a penchant for making even the simplest and most mundane situations look fun and exciting. However, he is also a scaredy cat, which will no doubt add to his appeal in this themed series.

He is no stranger to acting as he has shown his potential while starring in the TREASURE web drama “The Mysterious Class“. His scenes were interesting and he captured the essence of his character as well. A horror comedy teen drama where he plays the supporting role of a character who is known to be a prankster would be brilliant for him. This type of character would be the mood maker whose scenes elevate the appeal and fun factor of the series.


2. WEi’s Kim YoHan

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

OUI Entetainment

Kim YoHan is a dreamboat whose impressive talents both off and on the stage are equally as attractive as he is. He is no stranger to the TV screens as asides from his numerous appearances on variety shows, he also delivered amazing performances as a lead role in school-themed series like “A Love So Beautiful” and “School 2021”. Even though these two series are in the same genre, his acting made both characters so unique and distinct from each other. His acting level, even though still budding, was exciting to watch as he embodied his character and told their stories well.

Still, in that same frame, we would love to see him star in a horror teen series like “All Of Us Are Dead“. Fans know Kim YoHan is such a scaredy cat but he doesn’t back down from challenges. The scare factor in this series will definitely have a good effect as they would no doubt evoke a real reaction from him which will be exciting for fans to watch.


Rom-com dramas

Rom-com continues to be the leading genre of K-Dramas till date. These fun-lighted romantic dramas always serve as a good stress-free viewing experience for fans, who get to enjoy their fills of good and funny love stories filled with heart-fluttering and thrilling moments. With a long list of idols who have played roles in this genre, like ASTRO’s Yoon SanHa in “Crazy Love” and GOT7’s JinYoung in “Yumi’s Cells 2”, here are some more who we believe have the talents to follow suit.


1. THE BOYZ’s SangYeon

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

THE BOYZ’s official Instagram

SangYeon has the aura of every male lead in a rom-com series. He is downright charming, protective, smart, funny, and handsome too. He has a very strong yet soothing and calming presence, the kind that many viewers find very attractive in male leads of a rom-com series. And while he is yet to star in a movie or series, he has also often expressed his desire to get into acting and we believe it is time for casting directors to look toward his direction.

He has often displayed his budding acting skills in music videos or during variety show appearances with acting challenges. Even though they are for a few minutes or just for fun, you can easily tell how serious he takes it, as he fully immerses himself into his role.

A rom-com would be the perfect genre for him. With his manly aura, handsome visuals, and his charming personality, he already has the features that are needed for a role in this genre. Be it the main lead or a supporting role, as long as he gets a chance, we believe SangYeon will portray his character brilliantly and to the best of his abilities.


2. TXT’s SooBin

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

Big Hit Music

Think of this male lead in a rom-com, who is either the rich CEO or the son of a chaebol that falls in love with a poor girl. Now picture TXT’s SooBin. It works right? SooBin has strong features that make him the typeset of the rich male lead character in every K-Drama.

SooBin has a very charming aura. He has the dignified and elegant look that many famous actors are known for. He has an ease about him that makes people very comfortable around him. However, he also has his hilarious and comical side that makes him so endearing as well. Traits that will no doubt come essential in a rom-com series.

Although he hasn’t starred in a series yet, from his numerous variety show appearances and being the MC of a music show, scripted or not, it is clear he has a winsome personality and can communicate and express himself really well. In this fictional office rom-com drama, he could play either the main role of a character whose ambitious dreams see him making a deal to pose as the boyfriend/fiance of his boss. However, make-believe turns into reality as they soon discover they have real feelings for each other.


3. DRIPPIN’s Cha JunHo

 4th Generation Male K-Pop Idols We Would Love To See Star In Different Genres Of K-Drama

Woollim Entertainment

Cha JunHo has the major qualities of an actor. Fans see it and it is time casting directors also see it. He is handsome, sharp, smart, witty, and energetic, with a sense of humor that is such a thrill. He is one of the idols whose confidence is not boastful but stems from a belief in his self-worth, which is truly inspiring. Young and vibrant, he has an expressive range of emotions that can see him deliver a good performance in dramas. Specifically, we would like to see him star in a rom-com drama.

With or without a love interest, Cha JunHo’s role in a rom-com will not just be interesting but funny as well. Definitely one to have many scene-stealer moments, with his already charismatic and bright nature, we believe his character will leave a memorable impression in the minds of viewers. Who in the end, will no doubt be calling for more roles to be shown his way.

Did we fit the idols in the right genres? Which other idol would you love to see star in any K-Drama genre? Let us know in the comments section below.