4 Second Lead Couples In K-Dramas Who Gave The Leads A Tough Competition

Before we begin. Don’t get us wrong.

Main leads always have a special place in our hearts. Viewers watch their story grow and their characters develop throughout the drama. We laugh with them, cry with them and rejoice in their happiness. But there is just something about some K-Drama second lead couples that makes them irresistible.

These couples give more color and drama to the show. With unmatchable fiery chemistry, they truly give the main leads a tough competition. Kpopmap has collected a few names from the list of K-Dramas (in recent years) for the best second leads, and we are sure that you will 100% agree.

To know who they are, keep on reading! Here are the top 4 second lead couples who have the main couple a tough competition.

This article contains spoilers.

The first ones to make it to the list are none other than our “Business Proposal” couple. It is fair to say that they took over the fandom almost as much as the main lead.

Whilst the main couple had a hard time accepting their feelings, this couple fell for ‘love at first sight’. As soon as they bumped into each other, they knew that they were fated. They went through the whole cinematic experience of love, with the shining halo from behind and flowers.

YeongSeo was quick to act on her feelings. She was the first one to make her move and confessed, but SungHoon had a different story. He knew her background and how she was supposed to be set up with her boss, Kang TaeMoo (Ahn HyoSeop). This created complications for the two.  SungHoon tried to draw the line and YeongSeo mocked him about it. But how could retain the distance when they really were fated? In fact, fate even made them neighbors next door!

As mentioned before, this couple was far more fast paced than the main couple. Fans were even gifted by a fiery kiss scene before the leads even began confessing. Despite that, fans loved this couple. They felt like a break of tension that the main couple gave. Whilst we were desperately aching for them to come together. This couple gave us something to cheer on.


Though, fans got Ahn HyoSeop and Kim SeJeong’s reunion in “Office Romance Recipe”, they are desperately waiting for these two to appear on screen together again.

2. “Strangers Again”‘s Kang BiChwi (Jo EunJi) And Kwon SiWook (Lee JaeWon I)

Many second couples even act as voices on certain issues. BiChwi and SiWook are one of them. The main lead couple, Oh HaRa (It’s SoRa) and Gu EunBeom (Jang Seung Jo), were a divorced couple who were brought together by fate. BiChwi was one of Oh HaRa closest friends and though we wouldn’t classify Kwon SiWook as a close ally, he was closer to EunBeom than the others.

The couple defined the concept of ‘opposites attract’. Whilst BiChwi held strong modern feminist views, SiWook was more of a traditional thinker. BiChwi was bold and unhindered by anything. Once she set her mind on something, she surely got it by any means. Whereas, SiWook had a more shy side to him. After the two spend a drunken night together, BiChwi wasn’t embarrassed to hide it, whereas SiWook was beyond flustered.

This uncanny balance makes the couple a lot more interesting and, after spending more time together, we see them grow and mold their views. They fight over gender roles and their stereotypes in a light and comic manner but surely bring our attention to it. In this way, we see the two often stealing the spotlight away from the leads.

Perhaps a couple that stuck many viewers to watch the drama more than the main couple. Tak DongKyung (Park BoYoung) and Myul Mang (Seo InGuk), were lost in agony but  JiNa and JooIk’s story was completely different. There was no supernatural element to it and their story had many ups and downs.

JiNa was a writer stuck in a loop. After her first heartbreak, she was unable to move on. Her stories became quite predictable because they all had the same type of male lead. JooIk wanted to change that. He became her editor and encouraged her to move on and to write more variety.

Charismatic JooIk and flustered JiNa became an extremely adorable couple and we held our breaths for them.

4. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”‘s Choi SooYeon (Ha YoonKyung) And Kwon MinWoo (Joo JungHyuk)

Perhaps the most unpredictable couple. We often know who the second leads are immediately and though we saw them a possible match initially, viewers lose that feeling midway.

SooYeon was the perfect girl. She was genius, pretty, confident and kind. She came from a strong background as her father was a judge. Whereas MinWoo struggled on his own and that made him both competitive and insecure. He began to target YoungWoo (Park EunBin), hence, the audience collectively turned against him.

SooYeon and MinWoo were always up each other’s necks and bickered at every possible opportunity. Hence, their feelings not only confused the audience but themselves too! SooYeon tried to deny it but they were indeed fated. And honestly, after MinWoo’s character growth, we all cheered for the two.

Second lead couples act as a bonus in the drama, be it an addition in romance, comedy, or drama. They add their own colors and viewers love it. Which is your favorite second lead couple in K-Drama who gave the leads tough competition?