4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Favorite Group’s Membership

September just began, and it will soon be the time to get back to school for some. Just the mention of school might sound boring and already tiring, but let’s not jump to conclusion and find some tricks to get back to school in a fun way. Because even if there will be less time than during the vacations to enjoy your favorite artists, getting back to school does not mean that you have to take K-Pop away from your life entirely. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to enjoy your favorite songs in a different way.

Most of the time, when our alarm rings to wake you up, it is just a pain and the only thing you want to do is go back to sleep. Not even talking about the walk or subway ride to school, time have never felt this long. Here is when K-Pop becomes your best ally. In those tiring mornings, what we need the most is a boost of energy, and K-Pop idols knows that better than anyone, so they came up with many energetic songs to help us stay motivated in those hard times. Let’s take a look at 8 K-Pop songs filled with energy that you should add to your playlist before getting back to school.

Note: this is not a ranking.



This one of a kind song may not come on top of the list when thinking about ONEUS, yet, this song is the perfect one to put you in a good mood before heading out for school. With its upbeat tempo ‘BBUSYEO’ feels like a shot of vitamin right in the morning! Plus, the meaning behind the title is similar to ‘break a leg’, which as you know actually means to have a blast and do your best. And isn’t that what we all want to do on a first day at school? So if you want a fast and efficient way to gather up your energy after waking up, we advise you to set up this song as your morning alarm.


2. BSS  – ‘Fighting’

You’ve surely came across this song before as it went quite viral after being released, and there are many reasons why. Of course, SEVENTEEN members’ songs are never a miss, but there is a little detail in this one that made us add it to this back to school list. Indeed ‘Fighting’ is a true boost of energy, it’s almost like magic. You won’t be able to stay tired or grumpy after hearing it, it will instantly put you in the happiest mood possible. Other SEVENTEEN songs certainly have such positive vibes, but ‘Fighting is special for something else than its instrumental. In ‘Fighting’ not only the rhythm and melody, but even the lyrics are telling you to hang in there and… Fighting!


Despite their young age, NewJeans know perfectly how to share their happy vibes to everyone through their songs. Especially with ‘Hype Boy’, despite not being their most recent track, the girls managed to get everyone dance to their song. And that is not surprising considering that the song is super cute and very light to listen to. Also, as per the title, this song is the perfect one to hype you up in seconds! And a little tip would be to learn the few moves of the chorus dance as they are super easy and will help you shake your body awake in the morning!


4. THE BOYZ – ‘Thrill Ride’

This song from THE BOYZ could be considered the perfect summer song with fresh and fun vibes, yet, it is also a perfect one to listen to when summer ends. With this song, you’ll not only get energy but you’ll also remember all your fun memories from the past summer and that will surely put you in a very good mood to start school. Because even if nostalgia of the past summer might strike, listening to THE BOYZ appeasing and cheering voices will make you forget all your sadness right away. So get on a thrilling ride right in the morning by listening to this THE BOYZ’s song!


5. (G)I-DLE – ‘Queencard’

This song might not have crossed your mind when thinking of energetic songs, but you should definitely have it on your back to school playlist. First of all, ‘Queencard’ has a somehow upbeat tempo that will make you want to dance and I’ve you that energy you need. Plus, just like ‘Fighting’ from BSS, you should focus on the lyrics of ‘Queencard’ because those are so empowering it will surely fill you with strength and energy if you listen to it first thing first in the morning! Because the first impression is always so important, remember to play the Queencard on your first day at school!


6. ONF – ‘My Name Is’

ONF members just got back from their military service, so here is one more reason to add their song to your playlist. Whether you know the group or not, this song is the perfect combo to both learn about them and get some serotonin on your way to school. ‘My Name Is’ is a very cute song from the group made for fans to learn the members’ names and a few facts about them. So not only is the meaning of the song very funny overall, but it also has those happy and childish vibes that will surely make you smile all day long.


7. Billlie – ‘Gingamingayo’

Here is probably another song you didn’t think of when creating your back to school playlist. Although this Billie song with its unique title is the perfect one to play if you’re walking to school. As the rhythm of the song is very marked it is easy to match your steps with it and literally walk to the beat of the song. As it is quite uptempo as well, you’ll arrive at school in no time, or maybe just the time to listen to this song. Because listening to Billie also make the time flies really fast.


8. The Rose – ‘Back To Me’

Because K-Pop is not only groups but also band, here is one you shouldn’t miss on. The Rose have a very unique music style so you won’t have any other song on this playlist that will sound like one of theirs. And that is exactly why you shouldn’t forget about one of their latest release ‘Back To Me’. This song is full of energy, guitar and drums to boost your day. And if you don’t know how to spend time on your way to school, you can play around with the TikTok filter they specially created for that song! The Rose took the fun to another level with ‘Back To Me’.


There are of course plenty of other energetic K-Pop songs you might know about, so don’t forget to add them to your back to school playlist along those we recommended today.