4 Reasons To Watch JTBC’s Newest Fantasy Romance K-Drama “Destined With You”

4 Reasons To Watch JTBC’s Newest Fantasy Romance K-Drama “Destined With You”

4 Reasons To Watch JTBC’s Newest Fantasy Romance K-Drama “Destined With You”

Summer might be cooling off, but the world of K-Dramas continues to bring the heat with another wave of amazing new shows. All the broadcasting networks continue to put their best foot forward in order to provide the most attention-grabbing drama for audiences everywhere. As always, viewers have an abundance of series to choose from.

JTBC has recently premiered its newest addition to the K-Drama list, “Destined With You“. The drama employs SF9’s RoWoon and Cho BoAh as its main leads. The drama follows Lee HongJo (Cho BoAh), a ninth-grade civil servant who’s overlooked by her co-workers and spends much of her time alone. Then there’s Jang ShinYoo (RoWoon), a competent yet cold lawyer who becomes the legal advisor for the city government. He is affected by a curse that has plagued his family for centuries. Through an act of fate, they meet and their lives become intertwined.

With only two episodes out so far, it has captivated audiences far and wide. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few reasons why you should add “Destined With You” onto your watchlist!


1. Visually Stunning Pair


There are numerous aspects that drama enthusiasts consider when deciding whether or not to start a new show. Some look at the plot while others might look at the cast or broadcasting network. Then sometimes, all it takes is one look at the leading pair to get hooked in an instant. Looking purely on the surface, Cho BoAh and RoWoon make a visually stunning couple. While they’re amazing on their own, seeing both stars appear on screen makes your heart race at a million miles an hour. If you’re convinced by visuals, then “Destined With You” has it and so much more.


2. Tom And Jerry Relationship Between Main Leads

Visuals aside, the chemistry and relationship between main leads is important. Even if they entertain various tropes, their interactions help to keep viewers interested in the drama until the very end. Starting off, Lee HongJo and Jang ShinYoo portray a Tom and Jerry relationship. They possess a push and pull that could easily have you grinning from ear to ear. Right from the start, the two have established a relationship of banter with hints of sincerity that will, hopefully, propel their relationship forward at a later time.


3. Intriguing Elements Of Fantasy

A curse that’s passed down for generations. A mysterious hand that maintains a firm grip on Jang ShinYoo. A magic spell book that’s just waiting to be used. All of these and more point to an enchanting air of fantasy that’s bound to wrap itself around the cast. From the trailer alone, viewers are able to see that magic is at work, affecting the main leads to a great extent. It will be interesting to track how these magic spells changes the relationship between the HongJo and ShinYoo and how it affects the people around them.


4. An Underdog To Root For

Despite her competence at her job and bright personality, Lee HongJo is overlooked by her coworkers and Jang ShinYoo. Nothing seems to go her way in work, friendship, and even romance. Although she’s starting from the very bottom, she continues to remain hopeful and moves forward with the dream that one day she might be accepted by those around her.

Lee HongJo is a character that you cannot help but root for and wish only the best for her future. She’s someone viewers can rally behind and possibly relate to on a personal level. Watching Lee HongJo will instill a spirit of perseverance that will move you in any situation.

Have you started watching “Destined With You”? What do you think of the drama so far? Let us know in the comments!