4 Performances That Will Make You Fall Into Moon JongUp’s Endless Charms

4 Performances That Will Make You Fall Into Moon JongUp’s Endless Charms

4 Performances That Will Make You Fall Into Moon JongUp’s Endless Charms

When people think about K-Pop, there is often a handful of groups or artists that are at the top of the list. What about the idols who go underneath the radar? After all, all artists shine with their own colour and impressive musical abilities that deserve a moment in the spotlight. But sometimes, you may miss the artist who could be your next favorite. Because of this, this article will put light on them.

If you are looking for a new artist or purely just want new music, this post maybe for you. Featuring 12 artists below either 400K subscribers on YouTube or below 300 – 200K monthly listeners on Spotify.


1. A-Plus

A-Plus is a newly debuted group with the single ‘Candle Light’ last March 1, 2023. The group was created and is run by Howon University students majoring in the K-Pop department. The song and choreography were actually created by the members (while receiving help from other students: Azer_Trouble). Since the original drafting of this post (March 1st), the group has seen a steady increase in support: 12.9K, 19.6K to 20.7K monthly listeners on Spotify.


XODIAC Official

XODIAC is a member trainee group underneath a Chinese agency “One Cool Jasco”. According to fans in the comment of their pre-debut song ‘Calling’, the members within the video and photo above are: Lex, HyunSik, BeomSoo, Wain, Sing and DaVin. Since the pre-debut single, XODIAC has seen an increase of support from 0 – 14.0K – 16.8K monthly listeners on Spotify.


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DRIPPIN Official

If you are looking for something refreshing to add to your playlists or maybe even something a little spicy and new, DRIPPIN is the group for you. DRIPPIN was formerly known as WProject4 before debuting with the following 7 members: Alex, Kim MinSeo, Kim DongYun, Cha JunHo, Joo ChangUk, Hwang YunSeong and Lee Hyeop. Since debuting on October 28, 2020 with ‘Boyager’ they have had numerous comebacks: ‘The One’ MV, ‘ZERO’ MV, ‘Villian’ MV and ‘Nostalgia’ MV. They also came back recently with Universal Music Japan ‘Hello GoodBye’. DRIPPIN currently has 173K subscribers on YouTube and 82.9 monthly listeners on Spotify.


You might recognize TRENDZ as they were known as InterBoys before their official debut as a 7 member boy group. (HaVit, Leon, YoonWoo, HanKook, ra.L, Eunil and YeChan). They are most known for their hits  ‘Vagabound‘, ‘Villian‘ and ‘WHO‘. Since the original drafting of this post, TRENDZ has seen an increase in both subscribers on YouTube (124K – 127K), and Spotify monthly listeners (24K – 29K – 31.2K).


CSR currently consist of the following 7 members: SuA, SiHyeon, YuNa, SeoYeon, DuNa, GeumHee and YeHam. They debuted on July 27, 2022 with the mini album “Sequence 7272”. If the group seems familiar to you, their latest comeback TICON has received 2.3M views! (since the original drafting of this post). ‘Pop? Pop! also hit 2.1M views. The group has 88.3K subscribers and 97.4K monthly listeners on Spotify. Check out their latest teaser here: “Delight” film.


6. TaeWoo

TaeWoo is a South Korean singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer underneath MECHIVE. He debuted on May 23, 2021 with ‘Pause’. Since then, he has also released ‘Coffee‘ on March 7th 2023. On his channel, TaeWoo often posts covers, original songs, live clips, and visualizers. Since the original draft writing of this post, TaeWoo’s youtube has seen an increase on YouTube and Spotify. (5K to 5.07K), and 10.7K monthly listeners to 10.9K monthly listeners on Spotify).


7. HoHyun

Although not much is known about the artist, according to his YouTube and Spotify, he is an artist from the states who is “Just here to make art”. You might recognize him from his song ‘Sunset Boulevard‘ which hit 180K views in just 10 months. Since the original drafting of this post, the artist has seen growth on both his YouTube and Spotify. (8.5K subscribers to 8.8K subscribers) and 480.0K monthly listeners to 523.4K).


VANNER is a 6-member South Korean boy group that debuted on February 14th, 2019 with ‘Better do Better‘ including pre-debut promotions in Japan. The member lineup consists of YeongGwang, Ahxian, HyeSeong, Gon, and TaeHwan .

Currently, VANNER has 48.8K subscribers on YouTube and 29.6K monthly listeners on Spotify.

You might recognize the group as Team 11:00. Striking people’s hearts with their hardships and the harsh reality of what it’s like with the members. Vanner is known to fans (VSS) as a sweet group despite their somewhat intimidating image (as seen with their song ‘Form‘). The group is known for constant updates about how they’re doing, releasing a special series of photos to VSS on Christmas as a present without prior notice. The group even posted a cute video to fans on their anniversary even when skiing. Check out the group’s latest comeback and “Peak Time” appearance here.


9. B.A.P Members’ Solo Debuts And Current Whereabouts In 2023

B.A.P is a group known for making waves in the K-Industry with their debut and numerous goal-achieving hits. Netizens often bring up the question “Where are the members now?”, and “Where are the members in 2023?”  when discussing the group and members themselves. Here is a small recap of everything so far.

Currently, YongGuk has 206K subscribers and has seen growth on his Spotify since the original drafting of this post. (66.3K monthly listeners to 67.3K).

The maknae, lead rapper, and lead dancer in BAP. Zelo has been booked and busy since debuting as a soloist with ‘Distance’ in June 2019. Since then, he is an independent soloist who has had numerous releases. ‘Questions‘, ‘Deadline‘, ‘She and Malibu‘, ‘Back On the Road‘, ‘Drunken Master‘, ‘Fault‘, and more.

You might recognize Zelo for his numerous appearances: “Street Man Fighter in 2022, “Artistock” (He was able to get to the semifinal before getting eliminated), Dive Studios, and a former We In the Zone member’s Youtube Channel Video “OFFSTAGE” (EP 3-1). Some lucky fans event met DaeHyun, Zelo, and JongUp at their 10th-anniversary cafe event. Zelo would also take to his Instagram stories about a message he received from a fan about someone impersonating him, warning against others about this behavior. Zelo and the members met up to send YoungJae off to the military. 

Currently, Zelo has 54.3K subscribers on YouTube and 15.5K monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Moon JongUp is currently a South Korean soloist who debuted on May 7, 2020. You might recognize his name as he is currently featured on Team 24:00 on “Peak Time“. Since his solo debut with ‘Headache’, he has been capturing new fans’ hearts with his one-man cover of SEVENTEEN’s Anyone and his cute interactions following the tug-of-war match with Vanner’s Gon including Team 24:00’s cover of TXT’s ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’.

Known for always hearting international and Korean fan comments on his YouTube channel or underneath his vlogs, JongUp has seen an increase in his followers since the original drafting of this post and his appearance on “Peak Time” (10.2K subs to 11.4K on YouTube and 26.1K monthly listeners to 27K). His top track is ‘US with 2.5M plays.

Jung DaeHyun is a soloist under Lionheart Entertainment who debuted in April 2019. DaeHyun has since opened a side channel hosted by his friend/host where they started by posting camping videos (893Street). The channel itself is growing since the original drafting of this post (4.4K subscribers to 4.47K). Check out his music releases here: ‘Amazing‘, ‘Aight’, ‘You’re My’, and ‘When you call‘.

Yoo YoungJae is a soloist and actor underneath DMOST ENT, who debuted on April 19, 2019 with the mini album “Fancy” and the track ‘Another Night‘. Although he is currently in the military, he had participated in numerous dramas  “김슬기 천재 (Kim Is A Genius)”, “Woman of 9.9 Billion”, “Mr. Queen”, “Police University”, “Cleaning Up“, and “Mimicus”. Include as well his participation in “King of Masked Singer” for the 2nd time in 2019, as well as being the MC for BLITZERS’ debut showcase.


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cignature Official

cignature consists of the 7 following members: ChaeSol, JeeWon, Seline, Chloe, Belle, SeMi, and DoHee. They debuted on February 3rd, 2020 with ‘Nun Nu Nan Na‘. They achieve 2.4M views with the MV. The group has 88.3K subscribers and 97.4K monthly listeners on Spotify.


Check Out These Lesser-Known K-Pop Artists With Less Than 400K Subscribers On YouTube


LUMINOUS is a 4 member group that consists of YoungBin, Suil, Steven, and WooBin. The group released a pre-debut album on August 19th, 2021 before officially debuting on September 9th, 2021 with “Youth”, promoting the tracks RUN and Home Alone. Check out the rookies on their features here: Edward AvilaxCeleste Feat. LUMINOUSMayline & Lou (Feat. LUMINOUS); as well as WooBin’s SoundCloud Crew (ONEWE’s Cya and THE BOYZ’s SunWoo) here: NamedLate Official SoundCloud. Currently, LUMINOUS has 100K subscribers on YouTube.


12. 0WAVE

Check Out These Lesser-Known K-Pop Artists With Less Than 400K Subscribers On YouTube

0WAVE Official

Do you remember TREASURE’s early days? Or do you find the name TREASURE (Magnum Unit) familiar to you? If so, a fellow member of 0WAVE Ha YoonBin (Ben Ha Official SoundCloud) may be familiar to you as well. Since his trainee days, many have noticed Ben during the official announcement of 0Wave’s debut. 

The members of the crew include Ha YoonBin (Who also goes by VIIN in the crew), yukon (Greg Yoo), Aiboy (Lee SeungYoon), MODS (Kim SeHoon), and wooseojun. They have since signed to an official label as an “Artist crew.” 

From the original draft posting of this article (March 13, 2023) till now, 0WAVE has since released: ‘vvup‘, ‘sides, ‘with me, ‘hey, and ‘off this‘. Growing from 86.7K subs to 86.8K subscribers on YouTube and even achieving 59.7K monthly listeners on Spotify. 


Please feel free to suggest other artists/groups. The more suggestions the better to add diversity to the article and less biased opinions or artists within it.