4 Must Visit Places Around Seoul Recommended By YeIn

4 Must Visit Places Around Seoul Recommended By YeIn

4 Must Visit Places Around Seoul Recommended By YeIn

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Summer is in full effect, however, not all of us are have the opportunity to spend the week in our swim wear and spend some time soaking up some sun. The start of the week usually signals some much needed time at the office, combating new work projects and the dreaded Monday blues.

The combination of these two can make it extremely difficult to start the week right. But through K-Variety Round Up, we hope to provide the perfect serotonin boost needed to combat the start of the week!

Through this series, we focus on small happenings from various Korean variety shows that you might have missed over the past week/weekend. These clips appear across social media feeds, but it can be difficult to watch absolutely everything, on top of tending to our busy schedules.

That’s why Kpopmap is here to bring you the most uplifting and entertaining clips to a screen near you! Now, take a look down below for a little energy boost to kick off your day right!


There’s no doubt that Mondays can be extremely tiring from the moment that we wake up. However, sometimes all you need to remedy this feeling is a nice cup of coffee, a good stretch, or even a heartfelt ballad.

This past week, Stray Kids’ SeungMin appeared on legendary competition program, “King Of Masked Singer“. One of his song choices ended up being Lee Juck‘s ‘Laundry’. His rendition was moving and tugged at your heartstrings right until the very end. Everyone from those in the studio to viewers at home could feel his sincerity and the surplus of emotions imbued into every note.


One of life’s biggest blessings is the delicious food that we get to eat. Many people say that food is the way to their heart, and we definitely have to agree.

On KBS’ “Battle Trip 2“, we see GOT7’s Bambam and YeIn partner up and head to Thailand. There, they do many things like muay thai and hanging out with elephants. Of course, one of the biggest appeals of any trip are the tasty delicacies. On various occasions, we see the two idols do an appetizing mukbang that fills viewers up just from watching. By the end, you’ll surely be looking for your nearest Thai restaurant to order some amazing food.


3. A Gathering Of Royalty On “HaHa Bus”

Children are absolutely precious and can cure anything, most especially the dreaded Monday blues. While watching ENA’s “HaHa Bus“, you receive more than a fair share of healing, watching HaHa and his family’s sweet interactions. Here, we see a gathering of royalty as Ha Song puts on a princess dress and Ha Soul wears a tiara himself. The two are absolutely the cutest and you cannot help smiling from ear to ear as you watch them.


4. Kang Daniel’s Affection With His Cats

Pets possess a special power, able to bring waves of happiness to anyone. Through a teaser for KBS’ “House Husband 2“, we see Kang Daniel going through his nighttime routine and once finished, he happily brings his cats into the frame. The love that he has for them is obvious for all to see. His smile while interacting with his cats radiates a special warmth. Your Monday blues will definitely disappear as you witness Daniel’s affection towards his beloved pets.


One of the highlights of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” is SHINee’s Key impromptu cover dances. If it’s a girl group song, you can bet that Key has already memorized the choreography and will be able to perform it in a heartbeat. On this past episode, we see him cover (G)I-DLE‘s wildly popular ‘Queencard’. The way Key runs up to the front is an absolute serotonin boost and his enthusiasm will have you smiling all the way through.

We hope with this edition of K-Variety Round Up, your Monday is filled with happiness and strength. Fighting!

Which of these Korean variety moments is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!