4 Highlights From “Bam House 2” Featuring MAMAMOO’s HwaSa

4 Highlights From “Bam House 2” Featuring MAMAMOO’s HwaSa

4 Highlights From “Bam House 2” Featuring MAMAMOO’s HwaSa

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Now, there are numerous idol-led video content uploaded across various YouTube channels. This includes GOT7 Bambam‘s “Bam House” which saw an explosive response from viewers and fans across the globe. He invited a number of different celebrity friends who he chatted with and enjoyed a delicious meal together, all while creating fun, long-lasting memories.

The idol took a short break, but now he’s back with “Bam House 2“. And to commemorate the occasion, he brought on a very special guest: MAMAMOO’s HwaSa! While at first glance, one might find it difficult to discover a connection between the two, however, through the episode, they prove to be much more than acquaintances, showing off their close and friendly bond.

Here are some highlights from the first episode of “Bam House 2”!


1. Heartwarming Stories As Neighbors

To start things off, the two idols immediately reveal that they were once neighbors who lived right across from one another. While they were not well acquainted at first, they slowly began to learn more about each other and eventually developed a bond of friendship.

Through “Bam House 2”, they shared heartwarming anecdotes of gifting champagne, notes of appreciation, and consideration for each other even while grabbing the delivery food right at their door. You cannot help but brightly smile as Bambam and HwaSa recount their time as neighbors.


2. HwaSa The Lifesaver

One hilarious anecdote that the two share is how HwaSa unknowingly became Bambam’s lifesaver. While grilling mushrooms on his day off, the idol unknowingly became locked outside on his veranda. Realizing this, he immediately started calling a number of different people, including a dancer acquaintance that he shared with HwaSa.

Since she lived right across, the MAMAMOO member was contacted and went over to aid Bambam in this perplexing situation. While it might have been stressful in the moment, it became a core memory between the two. In a time of distress, it was also an opportunity to strengthen their friendship, allowing them to talk and laugh about the situation today.


3. Peaceful Mukbang

From the first season and until now, Bambam is able to create such an infectious, laidback atmosphere with his various guests. This extends from his conversations with them to the time they spend eating together. After preparing a delicious bowl of som tam, the two idols decide to spend 5 minutes of just eating.

What comes next is a short montage of just that: Bambam and HwaSa’s peaceful mukbang. The way they enjoy the food is absolutely filling — but be warned: you might be craving for something yourself by the end of the episode.


4. Overreaction Note

Making food and having a conversation should be enough to produce hours worth of content. However, Bambam goes above and beyond, presenting a note of encouragement, specially made for HwaSa herself. It’s aptly described as an ‘overreaction note’ in which Bambam overly praises HwaSa. It’s a moment of cheesy fun, causing everyone from viewers to HwaSa herself to cringe in embarrassment. Despite its cheesy nature, you cannot help but audibly laugh at the whole situation.

If you’re curious about the rest of the episode, you can check it out down below!

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