3+ Unreleased K-Pop Songs We Need On Streaming Platforms ASAP

3+ Unreleased K-Pop Songs We Need On Streaming Platforms ASAP

3+ Unreleased K-Pop Songs We Need On Streaming Platforms ASAP

We desperately need these tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

K-Pop is no stranger to providing fans with endless streams of content. From iconic MVs to legendary live performances, the industry never stops. However, amidst the continuous release of chart-topping hits there lie some musical gems that have yet to grace our favorite streaming platforms.

Here’s our list of the top unreleased K-Pop songs that we desperately need to see on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

1. BTS’s “Ddaeng”

Part of the illustrious BTS Festa, “Ddaeng” was gifted to fans on June 11, 2018. This unofficial track features the powerhouse rap line trio — RM, SUGA, and J-Hope. What makes this song exceptional is the sheer artistry the trio brings, as they wrote, composed, and produced the track themselves. The wordplay? Simply masterful.

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This song resonates deeply with fans due to its unique sound and the skillful play on traditional Korean sounds. It’s a testament to BTS’s versatility, and it’s high time this track is made available to a wider audience.

2. Red Velvet Irene’s “Ka Ching!”

When Irene performed “Ka Ching!” at her birthday bash this year, the crowd went wild. Given that Irene has only two official solo releases, it’s no wonder fans are on tenterhooks awaiting her solo debut. “Ka Ching!” has all the makings of a hit, with its catchy melody and irresistible beat. Plus, even non-fans can’t help but groove to this track.

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Will this be a part of her rumored mini-album? We can only hope! But one thing is for sure — we need “Ka Ching!” on our playlists pronto.

3. NCT Taeyong’s “Blue”

With “Blue,” Taeyong treated fans to a musical experience unlike any other. This rock-inspired track was unveiled on his personal SoundCloud account on April 14, 2021, marking it as his fourth upload. The song was first teased in May 2020 during a live session, where Taeyong delved into the songwriting process, revealing that its creation began a month prior.

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It’s not just a song, but a piece of Taeyong’s soul, making it one of his most introspective and heartfelt releases. Such a personal piece deserves a spot on major streaming platforms, ensuring every NCTzen can have “Blue” on repeat.

4. Super Junior’s “Latte”

A captivating unit song brought to life by Leeteuk, Shindong, and Siwon, “Latte” is every ELF’s dream come true. Performed during their SUPERSHOW9 tour, this catchy track captured fans’ hearts instantly. It’s a testament to Super Junior’s ability to constantly innovate and surprise their fans.

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And while live performances are great, there’s no denying the need for an official release, ensuring ELFs worldwide can savor “Latte” anytime, anywhere.