3 Top K-Pop Dance Performances By Korean Actresses At Their Fanmeetings

3 Top K-Pop Dance Performances By Korean Actresses At Their Fanmeetings

3 Top K-Pop Dance Performances By Korean Actresses At Their Fanmeetings

The ENA K-Drama, “Longing For You” arrived at its climactic conclusion just last week. In only 12 episodes, it was able to captivate thousands of viewers with its enrapturing mystery and heart racing suspense. It matched perfectly with the summer months, raising heartrates and temperatures everywhere, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats. Viewers will be sure to miss Oh JinSung (Na InWoo), Go YoungJoo (Kim JiEun), and crew as they search for the masterminds behind various crimes.

However, secrets must be unraveled, leading to the eventual and expected end. Although this might be true, the landscape of K-Dramas never ends, forging a path of numerous series that can be watched one right after the other. While we might find ourselves yearning for “Longing For You”, we’re able to peruse a number of different titles and find the perfect one to fill the gaping hole in our viewing schedule. While at times this could prove to be a difficult task, but we’re here to help.

Here are 5 K-Dramas to watch if you liked “Longing For You”.


1. “My Perfect Stranger”


Cast: Kim DongWook, Jin KiJoo, and more

Summary: Yoon HaeJoon finds a car that can travel through time. He ends up discovering a shocking truth and in order to change his ill-fated future, he heads back to the past to find a criminal that has eluded capture for decades. Baek YoonYoung crosses HaeJoon’s path and the two end up in the year 1987. The two soon discover that their stories are oddly connected.

Reasons To Watch: “My Perfect Stranger” provides the perfect mix of lightheartedness and gripping mystery. It also contains a nice serving of romance that seemed almost absent from “Longing For You”. Both Kim DongWook and Jin KiJoo are great ‘detectives’ in their own right, unraveling the motives and identity of the drama’s big, bad villain.


Cast: Lee SeungGi, Lee HeeJoon, Park JuHyun, Kyung SooJin, and More

Summary: Lawless detective Ko MooChi lost his parents to a murderer when he was young and now seeks revenge. Along with rookie police officer, Jung BaReum, they confront the most vicious predator who falls in the top 1 percent of psychopaths.

Reasons To Watch: “Mouse” is an incredibly well-written drama with complex characters that will keep you up at night. The eventual shift in demeanor and realization of the true antagonist will leave you speechless and looking back for all the potential signs. Lee SeungGi, Lee HeeJoon, and crew do a great job in fleshing out the story, immersing audiences everywhere with their standout acting skills.


3. “Stranger”

Cast: Cho SeungWoo, Bae DooNa, and more

Summary: Hwang SiMok, a genius yet emotionless prosecutor and police lieutenant Han YeoJin work together to expose years of corruption within the prosecutor’s office and solve a serial murder case.

Reasons To Watch: Not many dramas call for a second season, however, “Stranger” did just that and was able to captivate with both. Hwang SiMok’s (Cho SeungWoo) calculated nature and Han YeoJin’s (Bae DooNa) competency combined will slowly reveal every heart pumping secret that the series has to offer. It goes at a perfect pace so viewers won’t receive whiplash at the various twists and turns. As you dive into the world of “Stranger” you’ll find yourself mesmerized, ready to rewatch the moment the last credits roll.


Cast: Kim GoEun, Nam JiHyun, Park JiHu, and more

Summary: Sisters Oh InJu, Oh InKyung, and Oh InHye come from a poor background, yet try their best to survive. They become entangled with one of the richest and most powerful families in Korea. They confront them and get to the bottom of various mysteries in their own ways.

Reasons To Watch: Just like “Longing For You”, “Little Women” tackles themes of strong familial bonds that might face hardships, but are hard to break. While the relationship between siblings is not the best, they truly come together to uncover the truth behind a family that seemingly has it all. As the story progresses, along with sisters InJu, InKyung, and InHye, viewers discover numerous cracks scattered across that perfect façade. With mysteries galore, you’ll find yourself rooted in place, waiting for the truth to come to light.


Cast: Lee JoonGi, Moon ChaeWon, Jang HeeJin, Seo HyunWoo, and more

Summary: HeeSung pretended to be in love and his wife JiWon started to doubt about her husband’s real identity. It tells the intense emotional chase between these two people who are facing the truth they want to avoid.

Reasons To Watch: The names of Moon ChaeWon and Lee JoonGi come with an undeniable legacy that’s hard to ignore. Driven by the plot and great writing, they’re able to pilot their characters in a way that keeps audiences invested all the way until the end. “Flower Of Evil” also provides numerous twists and turns that will send shivers throughout your body, making you gasp in utter shock.

What’s on your watchlist now that “Longing For You” has ended? Let us know in the comments!