3 Reasons Why You Should Experience The K-Pop Lightstick Ocean

As K-Pop fans, we are very proud of the lightsticks that allow us to cheer on our favorite idols. May it be for their designs or infinite colors, lightsticks remain one of K-Pop fans’ favorite items to possess. And not only this, but it is also the best accessory to bring while attending a concert, after all, it’s a lightstick main function than a cheering accessory. And when we see pictures of all the fans putting their lightstick up above their heads, we understand why it is so important to have one.

Whether you ever attended a concert or not, you might have come across the expression lightstick ocean, which refers to the thousands of fans’ lightsticks lighting up a concert venue, making it look like a giant wave, either multicolor or made of one unified color. And most K-Pop fans want to be part of it one day, and it is understandable. Not only does it look pretty, but it also allows unique connexions with both other fans and the artists who are performing. So here are 3 reasons as to why being part of a lightstick ocean is an experience you shouldn’t miss.


1. Attending a concert to be part of the Lightstick Ocean

3 Reasons Why You Should Experience The K-Pop Lightstick Ocean


Of course, in order to be part of a lightstick ocean, you must attend a K-Pop concert, and if that is not the main motivation, what else could it be? Because all magic memories begin by attending an event, without an event, there is no shared experience, and no unique moment like this one. Surely, you could try to attend any K-Pop concert to be part of a lightstick ocean, but a personal advice would be to try attending either a concert from your favorite artists, or a concert of a group which lightstick you like the most, this way you’ll be even more amazed by the lightstick ocean.


2. Experiencing a magical moment with other fans

 3 Reasons Why You Should Experience The K-Pop Lightstick Ocean


If you’ve seen pictures of lightstick ocean before, you already know what we mean by magical moments. Seeing those thousands of hands, up in the air holding a lightstick is just such a unique experience, you shouldn’t miss that. For a few hours, it truly feels like you are out of this world, living a one-of-a-kind moment no other event could make you experience. K-Pop concerts are truly unique for that. And while you see your lightstick among those of other fans, you feel a sense of belonging to the fandom more than ever before. Seeing, hearing, and feeling all fans cheering for the sane artist on stage is a moving experience we hope every K-Pop fan gets to experience one day.


3. Cheering and connecting with your idol

Having a lightstick in your room, on a shelf, isn’t bad, but it’s really not serving much purpose. While at a concert, you get to make the most out of your lightstick to show your support to the artists on stage, and that is a heartwarming experience. While idols might not clearly see fans’ faces during a concert due to the darkness of the venue, they do see the thousands of lightsticks lighting up for them, and we guarantee that they’re all moved by this. Whether it is fans or idols, everybody is incredibly amazed by lightstick oceans, and it really means a lot to idols. It shows them how far they’ve come and how loved they are by their fans, and by being part of the lightstick ocean in front of them, you’re telling them, without words, that they’re doing great and you appreciate them, and their work.


Of course, there may be more reasons, such as personal motives, or simple aesthetic reasons to be part of a lightstick ocean, but that is up to each fan and their wishes.