3 Reasons To Watch ZEROBASEONE Kim JiWoong

3 Reasons To Watch ZEROBASEONE Kim JiWoong’s YouTube Variety Program “Boy Detective Kim JiWoong”

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Ever since their time on Mnet’s “Boy’s Planet”, the members of ZEROBASEONE has portrayed massive appeal. This has caused fans everywhere to fall for them as a group and as individuals. With their official debut, they’ve entered the K-Pop industry as fresh rookies set to push the scene ever forward. They’re considered by many as one of the monster rookies to have debuted in 2023 and are slowly, but surely, owning up to that title.

While they’re coming into their own stride as a group, they all possess an individuality that absolutely shines, too. Just recently, ZEROBASONE’s Kim JiWoong became the host of YouTube variety series “Boy Detective Kim JiWoong”.

With three episodes already released, it’s well on its way to becoming an online variety show that’s loved worldwide. Following the excitement and hype, here’s a few reasons why you should tune into “Boy Detective Kim JiWoong” every week!


1. Fulfills Various Entertaining Requests

“Boy Detective Kim JiWoong” acts as a way for the idol member to travel across the country to fulfill the requests of various individuals. This can range anywhere from preparing summer stamina food to the concept of time travel. Nothing is off limits as long as JiWoong is involved.

Regardless of how impossible the request might seem, Kim JiWoong is able to get it done. While fulfilling these requests, he is able to meet various professionals who share their know-how and make the process infinitely times easier. In between, with his variety sense, Kim JiWoong is able to create moments of comedic genius that fans cannot stop talking about.


2. Invitation of Special Guests

 3 Reasons To Watch ZEROBASEONE Kim JiWoong's YouTube Variety Program

Studio Horakhorak’s Instagram

While a program with solely Kim JiWoong would be great, he has invited a guest for every episode out so far. The budding variety star has been joined by TV personality Heo KyungHwan, GOT7’s Bambam, and most recently, Highlight’s Lee GiKwang.

Kim JiWoong is quick to match the energy of his guests, creating an atmosphere of complete and immersive fun. Their synergy seems natural, as if they’ve been on the same program for months. With the inclusion of special guests, it makes one giddy with excitement to see who will join him next.


3. Kim JiWoong’s Vibrant Duality

Even before his time on “Boy’s Planet”, Kim JiWoong has always had this demeanor of charisma that coats him from head to toe. His chic gaze is often paralyzing, causing one to believe that he has a personality to match, too.

However, ZEROZE (ZEROBASEONE’s fandom) know that JiWoong is bright ball of sunshine. “Boy Detective Kim JiWoong” acts as another medium to showcase just that. The idol will have numerous opportunities to portray his bright, vibrant personality that radiates an abundance of joy. Watching JiWoong grow into the role of a variety show host will serve as a much needed happy pill with every new episode.

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