3 Reasons To Get Excited For NiziU

3 Reasons To Get Excited For NiziU’s Korean Debut

From September 26th to October 11th, renowned idol fandom app “IDOL CHAMP” collaborated with Japan’s top Hallyu media outlet “Kstyle” to hold the “K-STAR Most Valuable Artist (MVA)” voting event. This is a Korea-Japan joint project and the first of its kind, aimed to determine and reward K-Pop artists with the greatest brand power who have captivated fans worldwide and are shining the brightest. The results for the “K-STAR MVA” vote in 4 categories – “BEST ARTIST (Men)”, “BEST ARTIST (Women)”, “NEXT STAR (Men)”, and “NEXT STAR (Women)”, were officially announced on October 13.

For those who might not know, IDOL CHAMP is an app created by TNK Factory and MBCPLUS. Its primary goal is to empower global fans by providing them with a platform to actively support and promote their beloved K-Pop artists, directly contributing to their rise in popularity. IDOL CHAMP is also known for its participatory and interactive features that allow users to engage with and support their favorite idols through activities like pre-voting for “Show Champion” and other events on MBCPLUS, fandom advertisements, broadcasting video content, quizzes, and more. Since its inception, the app has received widespread love and support from the vibrant and passionate K-Pop idol fandom community.

The “K-STAR MVA” vote marks a significant collaboration between South Korea and Japan as it was organized jointly by IDOL CHAMP, NEOWIZ’s Japanese subsidiary GameOn and “Kstyle”. Voting was held on the IDOL CHAMP app, and winners were determined through 100% in-app fan voting. Rewards for winners include special trophies and exclusive interviews or feature articles on “Kstyle”.

Are you curious to know who the winners are? Check out the final winners of the “K-STAR MVA” below!



Jin’s Instagram

1st Place: BTS’ Jin – 42.54%

BTS’ eldest member and stellar solo artist, Jin, continues to show his lasting popularity, ranking 1st in the “BEST ARTIST (Men)” category with 42.54% of the total votes cast by global fans. Despite currently serving in the military, Jin’s impact and influence are simply unbeatable all over the world. Through the global “K-STAR MVA” vote, it was once again proven that regardless of promotion, the unwavering support of ARMY knows no bounds, promising to continue illuminating his path with unending glory.

In recent news, it was revealed that Jin, along with j-hope have been given the title of “Special Class (Elite) Warriors” in the military based on their extraordinary combat competence and mental strength. Prior to enlisting in the military, Jin released his debut solo single ‘The Astronaut’, co-written with Coldplay, which became a record-breaking commercial success. It was also lauded by music critics worldwide and is immensely beloved by millions of fans, who found unimaginable comfort and warmth in Jin’s ethereal vocals and meaningful lyrics.

The music video for ‘The Astronaut’ has reached an astounding 94 million views on YouTube at the time of writing, showcasing its enduring popularity and continued relevance. With unwavering determination, ARMY is steadfast in their goal to propel the video to the remarkable milestone of 100 million views, a fitting achievement as the video’s 1-year anniversary approaches on October 28.


2nd Place: BTS’ V – 35.44%

3rd Place: MONSTA X – 4.32%



The Results Are In! Check Out The Winners Of

JYP Entertainment

1st Place: NiziU – 46.70%

JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s Japanese girl group NiziU is enjoying incredible popularity among fans, not just in Japan and South Korea but all over the world. Formed through the Japan-Korea joint audition project called “Nizi Project”, NiziU first debuted in Japan in 2020 and shot to fame with incredible success, which earned them a prestigious reputation. With chart-topping hits in Japan, NiziU received remarkable love and admiration from fans, which helped them achieve significant milestones at an unprecedented pace.

At the dawn of their career, NiziU secured the title of the fastest female artist to amass 100 million streams within a mere 15 weeks of charting on the Japan Hot 100  with their hit ‘Make You Happy.’ Their debut single, ‘Step And A Step’ emerged as the second best-selling debut single by a female artist in Japan, solidifying their place in the industry. Moreover, NiziU made history by becoming the quickest artist to grace the stage of the top-rated annual year-end musical show in Japan – the “71st NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen.”

Now, as they gear up for their highly anticipated Korean debut on October 30 with the single album “Press Play”, the group has already made a resounding impact on international fans, garnering an astounding 46.70% of the total votes in the “BEST ARTIST (Women)” category during the “K-STAR MVA” fan vote. This feat underlines their exceptional brand power and their undeniable influence on a global scale.

Meanwhile, NiziU is also set to appear at the international live event “Neighbors Con” to be held at K Arena Yokohama, Kanagawa, on November 25, 2023. This event is aimed to become a bridge for the exchange of entertainment between neighboring countries. The group is a part of the “DAY LIVE” lineup.


2nd Place: Billlie – 25.64%

3rd Place: DREAMCATCHER – 8.98%



The Results Are In! Check Out The Winners Of

n.SSign on X

1st Place: n.SSign – 34.53%

n.SSign came into the music scene like a breath of fresh air and stole hearts worldwide. They received 34.53% of the total votes cast in the “NEXT STAR (Men)” category of the “K-STAR MVA” vote, taking up the 1st place. In such a short time, n.SSign has already proven their popularity with the help of their dedicated fanbase.

For those who might not know, n.SSign was created through the survival reality show “Stars Awakening”, a co-production of South Korea’s Channel A and Japan’s ABEMA, and is signed to n.CH Entertainment. While initially meant to be a project group of 7 members who won the show, n.SSign eventually debuted as a permanent group with the addition of 3 members. Right off the bat, n.SSign garnered considerable fandom in Japan through their pre-debut tour in the country.

In this context, n.CH Entertainment’s executive director Chang HyunJin revealed in an interview with Korea JoongAng Daily that n.SSign aspires to emulate the success story of groups like ATEEZ, who initially built a devoted international fanbase before achieving significant recognition within their home country. In alignment with this strategy, n.SSign is dedicated to expanding their global reach, garnering popularity beyond the borders of South Korea, and gradually making their mark in the domestic market.

n.SSign officially debuted on August 9, 2023, and their first mini-album, “Birth Of Cosmo”, achieved a remarkable feat with over 210,000 pre-orders, quickly claiming the top spot on Japan’s Oricon music chart just a day after its official release. In its debut week, the album recorded a total of 207,227 copies sold, an impressive figure, especially for a rookie group. Next, n.SSign is set to hold their 1st ARENA CONCERT “BIRTH OF COSMO” in Ariake Arena, Tokyo, on November 11th and 12th and release their debut Japanese single, ‘New Star’, on November 29. They hope to perform in the US by the end of next year as a global group.



2nd Place: HORI7ON – 28.07%

3rd Place: XODIAC – 22.72%



The Results Are In! Check Out The Winners Of

XG on X

1st Place: XG – 38.43%

A phenomenon in their own right, XG has received much love from global fans in their career. 38.43% of the total votes cast in the “NEXT STAR (Women)” category of the “K-STAR MVA” vote were for XG, ranking them 1st. This comes as no surprise, given XG’s explosive and viral popularity all over the world. Interestingly, XG is a Japanese girl group based in South Korea, making music in English. It simply doesn’t get more global than this!

XG is signed to XGALX, a subsidiary of Avex. Within a short time, XG has quickly curated a distinct musical style that is not only addictive and memorable but also inimitable. All the members are extraordinarily talented, and with XGALX specifically promoting each of their individual unique strengths to a global audience, the group’s popularity is amplified manifold. With a dedicated Japanese fanbase, the support of the K-Pop system, and the advantage of performing in English, XG is naturally poised for unparalleled success in the music industry. It is not just the K-Pop fandom dancing to XG’s beat, it is the world.

Earlier this year, XG made a commendable accomplishment on March 6, 2023, when they secured a spot on the prestigious Mediabase US Radio Top 40. They not only marked their place as the first female Japanese artist to achieve this feat but also made history as the inaugural Japanese group to attain this remarkable milestone. In 2023, the group also performed at KCON Japan, KCON LA, Head in the Clouds New York, as well as Head in the Clouds LA! With such amazing achievements already under their belt, we cannot wait to see what XG has in store for us next.


2nd Place: Lapillus – 27.44%

3rd Place: EL7Z UP – 19.55%


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