3 Qualities Kim JaeJoong Looks For In Potential Trainees

3 Qualities Kim JaeJoong Looks For In Potential Trainees

3 Qualities Kim JaeJoong Looks For In Potential Trainees

There’s no denying the meteoric growth of K-Pop and how it has become widely accepted, all across the globe. Now, more than ever, K-Pop soloists and groups are able to reach enormous success through the efforts of one viral video. While it has become easier to reach fans and create a dedicated following, one cannot overlook the amazing veterans that have greatly contributed to the globalization of K-Pop as we know it today.

One legendary idol who continues to strive in the entertainment history as a whole is Kim JaeJoong. Making his debut before the rise of TikTok and K-Pop dance challenges, JaeJoong has solidified his legacy in the realm of K-Pop, becoming a role model to many. He’s tirelessly worked in various fields, cementing his legacy as an all-rounder capable of standing against the test of time. His impact only continues with the success of his YouTube variety talk show, “JaeFriends“.

Recent accolades aside, here are a few reasons why Kim JaeJoong continues to make fans of all generations.


1. Incredible Live Performances

You cannot mention Kim JaeJoong without talking about his incredibly awe-inspiring vocal capabilities. Even early on in his career, he possessed such captivating depth and mastery at his craft, leaving many speechless. With his voice alone, he is able to cover a wide array of genres, ranging from your typical K-Pop melodies to heartrending ballads, and even blood pumping rock.

Whether he’s singing in Japanese or Korean, JaeJoong crushes the stage at every opportunity. In terms of vocals and musicality, nothing is impossible for legendary vocalist Kim JaeJoong.


2. Phenomenal Acting Prowess

While JaeJoong has mainly been focusing on his music career, many fondly remember his various roles across numerous dramas and films. He has marvelously executed every role he’s been given, earning him mountains of praise and even an award for Best New Actor (“Dr. Jin“).

Whether he’s making audiences explode in uncontrollable laughter or crumble into a puddle of tears, JaeJoong does it so well that your eyes will remain glued onto the screen. Looking back on his successful roles makes one excited for the day JaeJoong returns to the small screen.


3. Unchanging Visuals

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Ever since his debut, Kim JaeJoong has looked absolutely ethereal, with visuals that could make one believe he’s a manhwa character come to life. His princely appearance has always been such a treat to witness for fans and non-fans across the K-Pop community. Although his hair has become shorter and his age has increased a considerable amount, he continues to stun with his dazzling looks.

He has grown in a way that maintains a hint of his boyish charms while still presenting a well-made, more mature image that speaks to his unchanging visuals. From head to toe, JaeJoong continues to look his absolute best, leaving K-Pop enthusiasts breathless across all generations.


4. Hilarious Variety Sense

Across the years, we’ve seen JaeJoong appear on a number of different variety programs, showcasing that the stage isn’t the only place where he shines. With an MBTI of ENFJ, he exudes peak extroverted energy, being able to confidently work his way around a variety set with ease. He possess the wit, comedic timing, and sense to succeed as a member of any variety program.

As mentioned earlier, the legendary idol is seeing an upsurge of popularity with his own YouTube variety program, “JaeFriends”. His hosting skills are magnificent, creating iconic clips and shorts for the whole world to enjoy. Seeing JaeJoong on a program will surely have you smiling from ear to ear in an instant.


5. Warm And Endearing Personality

While his talents on stage and in the studio make him shine brighter than the stars above, it’s his sincere and endearing personality that makes fans willing to stay. Despite the hardships he has faced, JaeJoong has maintained a kind heart that radiates in the darkest of nights. The warmth he exudes through his actions and words is infectious, making it difficult to not fall for the idol at any moment.

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