2PM’s Nichkhun Doesn’t Want His Mom To Watch The Movie He Starred In

2PM’s Nichkhun Doesn’t Want His Mom To Watch The Movie He Starred In

2PM’s Nichkhun Doesn’t Want His Mom To Watch The Movie He Starred In

His ear color spoke for him.

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently addressed his Hollywood debut film that garnered attention for his NSFW scenes.

2PM’s Nichkhun | @khunsta0624/Instagram

On August 31, 2PM appeared on KBS2’s Beat Coin. It was the first time in a while that the whole group joined as a group, as they had been working on their individual activities.

Members of 2PM | KBS2

On the show, and shared what they have been up to lately. Nichkhun shared that he had been doing overseas activities lately and that he filmed a Hollywood movie. In response, the 2PM members collectively described what the movie was like.

It’s a love story, but it’s sensual, intense, and bold.

— 2PM members


Host and comedian Kim Sook expressed her excitement to watch the movie and asked, “Did you take off your clothes?” The 2PM members replied that it was more than just stripping.

It’s beyond the level of asking whether he took off his clothes or not.

— 2PM


In response to the discussion about his NSFW movie, Nichkhun blushed and admitted what type of movie it was.

I went to work on the latter part of the movie, and I appeared in the first scene, and for the first time, I didn’t want my mom to watch it.

— Nichkhun

“His ear color tells what rating the movie has.” | KBS2

The movie in question is called The Modelizer, which stars Byron Mann as a young photographer named Shawn, a Hong Kong tycoon who only dates models, and Rayssa Bratillieri as a Brazillian model who changes his outlook on love and relationships. Nichkhun plays the role of Bucky, Shawn’s friend who enjoys parties and nightlife.

Nichkhun, Byron Mann, and Rayssa Bratillieri (left to right) | ROA HK

Netizens were shook at Nichkhun’s NSFW scenes in the movie, where he was in scenes of explicit womanizing, including one depicting Shawn having sex with a model. The 2PM member was shown having sex with another woman across the room from Shawn. Although this type of adult content is common in films, netizens were surprised to see a K-Pop idol perform NSFW scenes. 

The Modelizer is Nichkhun’s Hollywood debut and many are expectant to see what other works he will be in in the future.