2NE1 "Hated" Filming For Their Reality Show

2NE1 “Hated” Filming For Their Reality Show

Sandara Park explains why.

Sandara Park (also known as Dara) reunited with longtime friend JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong to film for his talk show JaeFriends and discuss their days actively promoting during K-Pop’s second generation.

Kim Jaejoong (left) and Sandara Park (right) | uhmg

Sandara Park had a celebrated career as an actress and singer in the Philippines before returning to Korea to pursue a continued career as an actress.

She was training at YG Entertainment when she attended an audition for a movie, where she met and befriended Jaejoong.

Although she landed the part, she wasn’t able to move forward with filming for the production, but it all worked out as she made her debut as a K-Pop idol with 2NE1 shortly after.

Soon after their debut, 2NE1 released their own reality show, 2NE1 TV, which followed the members during their debut promotions and captured interactions with their fellow YG Entertainment labelmates during its first season.

(From left:) 2NE1’s Park Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy | YG Entertainment

Sandara reflected on filming for the show, and revealed that the group “hated it.

She admitted that the members had lived apart until shortly after their debut when they moved into an apartment together. This moment was captured during the show’s third episode.

Sandara shared that the members all needed their personal space, especially as she, Park Bom, and CL had all experienced living abroad, which she attributed to their difficulty living with others and their dislike of public baths.

While the members didn’t enjoy it at the time, Sandara appreciated the free housing they received, and, in retrospect, Sandara thought dorm life was “pretty fun.

She added that, after 2NE1 moved out, WINNER‘s Mino moved into the apartment.

During the JaeFriends episode, Sandara Park also opened up about YG Entertainment’s treatment of 2NE1. Check out more on that in the article below:

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