2023 Korean Music Awards: Results And Winners

2023 Korean Music Awards: Results And Winners

The Korean Music Awards is a prestigious awarding ceremony which gives recognition to artists, both mainstream and underground, and their musicality. The winners for the annual event, which is highly anticipated by artists and fans, were awarded yesterday, March 5th. In this article. we’ve compiled the winners of awards from the prestigious event.

Read on to find the winners of the Korean Music Awards.

2023 Korean Music Awards

Album of the Year

250 – “PPONG”

Song of the Year

YounHa – ‘Event Horizon’

Artist of the Year


Rookie of the Year


Best Rock Album

Concorde – “Supersonic Airliner”

Best Rock Song

Jambinai – ‘from the place been erased’ ft. SWJA

Best Modern Rock Album

The Black Skirts – “TEEN TROUBLES”

Best Modern Rock Song

Silica Gel – ‘NO PAIN’

Best Metal & Hardcore Album

Madmans Esprit – “I See Myself Through You Who See Us Through Me”

Best Pop Album

AKMU’s ChanHyuk – “ERROR”

Best Pop Song

YounHa – ‘Event Horizon’

Best K Pop Album

NewJeans – “New Jeans”

Best K-Pop Song

NewJeans – ‘Attention’

Best Dance and Electronic Album

250 – “PPONG”

Best Dance and Electronic Song

250 – ‘Bang Bus’

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album

Nucksal, CADEJO – “Sincerely Yours”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

Nucksal, CADEJO – ‘Good Morning Seoul’

Best R&B and Soul Album


Best R&B and Soul Song


Best Folk Album

Line and Circle – “Night and Day”

Best Folk Song

Line and Circle – ‘Night and Day’

Best Jazz Vocal Album

Kim YuJin – “A Piece and the Whole”

Best Jazz Music Album

Song YoungJoo – “Atmosphere”

Best Global Contemporary Album

Jung JaeIl – “psalms”

Congratulations to all the winners!