1MILLION’s Lia Kim Opens Up About Her Extreme Diet In Recent Interview

1MILLION’s Lia Kim Opens Up About Her Extreme Diet In Recent Interview

1MILLION’s Lia Kim Opens Up About Her Extreme Diet In Recent Interview

The goal, however, is not weight loss.

Lia Kim, the founder of 1Million Dance Studio, has been a well-known choreographer among K-Pop fans for years. But her recent appearance on Mnet’s dance survival show Street Woman Fighter 2 thwarted her into the spotlight even more. Kim’s dance crew won third place in the competition, following BEBE and Jam Republic in the first two positions, respectively.

The 1MILLION crew on “Street Woman Fighter 2” | @liakimhappy/Instagram

On November 1, Lia Kim appeared on the popular SBS Radio program, the Cultwo Show, along with Bada Lee, the leader of BEBE, and Mannequin leader Funky Y. The three crew leaders were interviewed regarding their participation in Street Woman Fighter.

(From left to right) Bada Lee, Funky Y, Lia Kim, and hosts Kwak Beom and Kim Tae Kyun

As per the program’s format, the guests eventually started answering questions sent in by listeners, and one of the hosts read out a curious inquiry for Lia Kim. A fan had asked if it was true that Kim follows a strict diet regime of only one meal a day, and the question left the studio in awe.

Lia Kim confirmed that it was indeed the truth. She explained that this strict regime started after she read somewhere that eating once a day is beneficial for one’s body, and she got used to it very easily. So much so that eating more than once daily now weighs her down.

I started eating just once a day after reading a book that said it was good for your body. But eventually, I started feeling heavy if I had two meals a day…So, from then, I have been following that regime.

— Lia Kim

She also mentioned that people often get concerned about her eating habits, wondering if she gets enough energy to use her physical strength while dancing regularly. But in reality, eating more meals makes it harder for her to dance.

Since I use a lot of physical strength, people ask me ‘Isn’t it difficult for you?’ but actually, if my body gets heavy, it gets harder for me.

— Lia Kim

The one meal she eats in a day, Kim said, primarily consists of meats, vegetables, and fruits, “I don’t really eat carbs,” she explained. But that doesn’t mean she starves herself for the rest of the day. “Outside of my meals, I do eat snacks like fruits every now and then,” she added.

Lia Kim left the hosts astonished when she revealed that this has been her diet routine for the past ten years. However, she does make exceptions whenever necessary, including for professional reasons.

Sometimes, I do eat two or three meals a day. But I usually prefer eating once. However, if I have a meeting or something, I do eat at places like that.

— Lia Kim

While harsh dieting regimes can often wreak havoc on one’s health, it seems like Lia Kim’s eating habits have proven beneficial for her despite appearing so extreme on the surface.

You can watch the full interview here: