11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

Through the course of Korean entertainment, the catalogue of K-Dramas has only multiplied, reaching audiences worldwide. Then, over the past few years, the industry has made use of various forms of other media like webtoons and web novels, using them as source material to create the next award-winning drama. Opposed to webtoons, web novels are like your typical novel, however, it is exclusively published online. The author releases one or a few chapters at a time, following a set release schedule.

Even web novels have seen a tremendous amount of success, with fans binge reading series until the early hours in the morning. Then, just like their webtoon counterparts, they are made into K-Dramas that move our hearts. Seeing a web novel come to life becomes a source of joy for the series’ avid readers and fans.

Now, look down below for a list of K-Dramas based on web novels. If you’re a long-time fan, this might be a trip down memory lane. And for any newcomers, you’ll definitely find a K-Drama you will want to add to your watchlist.


Naver Series / Naver TV

Cast: Choi TaeJoon, Girls’ Generation’s SooYoung, 2PM’s ChanSung, Han JiAn, and more

Summary: WhoJoon (Choi TaeJoon) is a top K-Pop star with a cold image. However, underneath that is a pure soul, carrying the heartbreak of his first love. GeunYoung (SooYoung) is WhoJoon’s anti-fan and a journalist who just started her career three years prior. The two end up living together and eventually develop feelings for each other.

Watch Because: Choi TaeJoon and SooYoung have amazing chemistry that will have you coming back for more. As they grow on each other, the two will simultaneously grow on all viewers watching. It’s a heartwarming drama where enemies become lovers that will revive all the romantic cells in your body.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


2. “Mr. Back”

Cast: Shin HaKyun, Jang NaRa, Lee Joon, and more

Summary: Choi GoBong (Shin HaKyun), a 70-year-old man who runs a large hotel conglomerate, reverts back to his 30-year-old self. He adopts the name Choi ShinHyung. As he goes back to relive his youth and pursue his self-centered goals, he meets Eun HaSoo (Jang NaRa) a part-timer who just landed her first job. Because of her, learns what it’s like to be in love.

Watch Because: Starting off, Choi ShinHyung is selfish and greedy. However, seeing his character development will give you hope that everyone has the ability to change. Then, to see him learn about love and develop an actual relationship with his estranged son will have you smiling from ear to ear. Shin HaKyun and Jang NaRa do an excellent job in portraying their roles and immersing audiences right into the story.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


Cast: Park SeoJun, Park MinYoung, Lee TaeHwan, 2PM’s ChanSung, Kang KiYoung, Pyo YeJin, and more

Summary: Lee YeongJun’s family runs a large company where he works as the vice-president. Despite being praised for his smarts and good looks, he is extremely narcissistic and arrogant. Beside him is his competent and hard-working secretary, Kim MiSo. She has worked hard to support her boss for many years and compliments him perfectly, but one day decides that she wants to quit.

Watch Because: Park SeoJun and Park MinYoung are considered as some of the best when it comes to romantic comedies. Their meeting in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” took the entire world by storm with their electrifying chemistry. By the end, you will have become totally invested in Lee YeongJun and Kim MiSo’s relationship, shedding tears over their hilarious antics and lovely interactions.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


4. “Cinderella With Four Knights”

Cast: Park SoDam, Jung IlWoo, Ahn JaeHyun, CNBLUE’s Lee JungShin, Choi Min, Son NaEun, and more

Summary: Eun HaWon (Park SoDam) dreams of becoming a teacher, however, she is treated poorly by her family. Despite this, she is able to maintain her bright personality and upright morals. She works various part-time jobs in order to pay for her upcoming college fees. On the opposite end is Sky House, home to three spoiled cousins. Eun HaWon ends up working at Sky House as a live-in butler and drill sergeant for the cousins.

Watch Because: Park SoDam once again expertly navigates her role to perfection, providing a character fans will absolutely love and want to root for. While residing in the Sky House, there will be lots of friction, sarcastic remarks, and of course, romance. The love lines are just the tip of the iceberg for this wildly entertaining drama.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


5.  “Love In The Moonlight”

Cast: Park BoGum, Kim YouJung, JinYoung, Chae SooBin, Kwak DongYeon, and more

Summary: Set during the Joseon Dynasty, “Love In The Moonlight” follows Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park BoGum) as he falls in love with a girl named Hong RaOn (Kim YouJung) who disguises herself as a eunuch to earn a living. The drama explores their romantic relationship, as well as the power struggles that occur in the palace. The story also explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, and the struggles of living in a strict patriarchal society.

Reasons To Watch: Every character of the KBS series feels well-fleshed out and integral to the plot. You will find yourself becoming invested into each of their stories and how they interact with one another. Along with the comradery, the drama’s sweet romance will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


Cast: Lee DongWook, Yoo InNa, Lee SangWoo, Son SungYoon, and more

Summary: Oh YoonSeo was a top actress, known for her looks and abysmal acting. However, due to a scandal, her acting career rapidly declines. She wishes to make a comeback and in order to do so, she decides to take on a fake job at a law firm in order to prepare for a future role. Kwon JungRok is one of the top performing lawyers at All-Ways Law Firm and is very strict in his work practices. Oh YoonSeo becomes Kwon JungRok’s secretary under the guise of Oh JinSim. The two start off with a prickly relationship, but eventually learn to depend on one another.

Watch Because: If you were a fan of “Goblin“, you will know that Lee DongWook and Yoo InNa have previous experience working with one another. The two are like yin and yang, perfectly complimenting each other in every situation. With their built in synergy, they create many unforgettable moments on screen that makes viewers giddy with laughter.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


Cast: Park MinYoung, Kim JaeUck, ONE, Ahn BoHyun, Kim BoRa, and more

Summary: During the day, Sung DukMi works as a curator for an art gallery. She’s competent in her work and upholds a very professional image. But in her free time, she is a dedicated fangirl and is the fansite master for White Ocean’s SiAn. One day Ryan Gold, a famous painter, becomes the director for the art gallery DukMi works at. He is self-centered and hard to work with. Ryan Gold learns that DukMi runs a fansite by chance and begins to take an interest in her.

Watch Because: For all the fangirls and fanboys out there, what better character to relate to other than Sung DukMi. She’s the perfect example of work-life balance and being able to support your favorite celebrity in your free time. That aside, the interactions between Park MinYoung’s DukMi and Kim JaeUck’s Ryan Gold is an absolute treat to watch. The two have a push and pull relationship that will make your sides hurt from laughter. By the end, they show so much affection towards each other that you will either get sick of it or wish you had a love story like theirs.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


 11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

Naver Series / MBC

Cast: Park JuHyun, Kim YoungDae, Kim WooSeok, and more

Summary: “The Forbidden Marriage” depicts the story between King Lee Heon (Kim YoungDae) and con artist SoRang (Park JuHyun). By some twist of fate, the two meet and in order to escape punishment for her scamming ways, SoRang claims to be possessed by the spirit of the King Lee Heon’s late wife. Together, they discover the mysteries behind her death and develop romantic feelings toward each other. The drama also explores palace politics and unwavering friendship.

Reasons To Watch: The historical drama maintains the perfect balance between sincere and comedic. The way King Lee Heon sorts through the trauma of losing his wife and how he opens his heart is absolutely touching to see. The MBC drama also gives a strong case of second lead syndrome, a trope many K-Dramas enjoy, for better or for worse.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


9. “The Heavenly Idol”

 11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

Naver Series / tvN

Cast: Kim MinGue, Go BoGyeol, and more

Summary: Pontifex Rembrary (Kim MinGue) possesses divine powers and acts as a high priest in another land. There, he is at war with a devious devil. However, in the middle of fighting, he ends up in the body of Woo YeonWoo, a member of an upopular idol group, Wild Animal. There he meets Kim Dal (Go BoGyeol) a competent manager who returns to the entertainment industry in order to help Wild Animal achieve success.

Watch Because: Pontifex Rembrary is hilarious without even trying. Having zero knowledge of the world of idols, it’s entertaining to watch him attempt to navigate the K-Pop industry in a way that you cannot help but smile widely from ear to ear. Then, there’s Kim Dal’s earnest nature, sass, and kindhearted soul that will have you feeling a warmth all throughout your body.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


 11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

Naver Series / Disney+

Cast: Seo JiHye, Yoon KyeSang, Kim JiSuk, and more

Summary: Hong YeSul (Seo JiHye) is competent at her job and considered the ace on Planning Team 1. She accidentally kisses sensitive and unsociable team leader, Cha MinHoo (Yoon KyeSang), and sees a future she never imagined. Their paths start to intertwine and they eventually begin to develop feelings for one another.

Watch Because: Their relationship starts off prickly and at odds with one another. However, as the K-Drama magic gets to work, they eventually find themselves falling head over heels with one another. They have a push and pull relationship that’s fun to watch as they navigate these newfound feelings of attraction. Cha MinHoo turns surprisingly sweet that you might even find yourself falling for him in mere seconds.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English


 11 K-Dramas Based On Web Novels To Add Onto Your Watchlist

Naver Series / JTBC

Cast: Song JoongKi, Shin HyunBeen, Lee SungMin, and more

Summary: Yoon HyunWoo (Song JoongKi) is betrayed and killed by the chaebol family he has served for over ten years. He miraculously gets a second chance at life when he returns in the body of the youngest son of the chaebol family and uses it to enact his revenge.

Watch Because: “Reborn Rich” is a thrilling revenge story that transcends time itself. Watching Yoon HyunWoo unravel such a calculated and well-orchestrated plan for revenge is thrilling to watch. As HyunWoo and his grandfather, Jin YangCheol (Lee SungMin), go head to head, you’ll find yourself completely invested, waiting to see who comes out ahead. However, it isn’t all competition and family politics, as the drama is sprinkled with humanism, romance, and touches upon family dynamics.

Webnovel links: Korean / Not officially available in English

Have you read any of the web novels these dramas are based on? What’s your favorite K-Drama out of this list? Let us know in the comments!