10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On August 29, 2023 Data)

10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On August 29, 2023 Data)

“Descendents of the Sun” aired from February 24 to April 14, 2016 with a total of 16 episodes and 3 special episodes. The series drew a peak audience share of 38%. The series bagged several awards including the Grand Prize in Television at the “52nd Baeksang Arts Awards.” Korean Broadcasting Advertising Corporation also named it the “Most Popular Show of the Year.”

But today I’m going to talk about the “Descendents of the Sun” Original Soundtrack Volumes I and II, sung by various artists. The album was released on labels Music&NEW and EU Entertainment. 

All of the tracks were chartbusters and were popular even with the international fans. The series itself made a commendable job, as the cast was extraordinary in acting, and the locations were highly exceptional for the series. And, on top of this, the tracks being chartbusters, was like sealing a deal. 

Each soundtrack gave meaning to the series and expressed the emotions of the cast the song was picturised on. The series also boosted the careers of the artists who sang the tracks like Punch, Gummy, Lyn, and male idols like K.will and XIA (Kim JunSu). The collaboration between EXO’s Chen and Punch was a breathtaking track. 

With 19 tracks in Volume I and 18 in Volume II, of course, there are the more trending tracks than the others. Following is a list of the trending top 10 tracks from the series “Descendents of the Sun” and full list of OST is at the bottom.  


“Descendents of The Sun” Top 10 Tracks

‘You Are My Everything’ By Gummy

 The queen of OSTs Gummy has done an amazing job in the track. The emotions are in the right spot and as an international fan who can’t understand Korean without subtitles, I felt the emotions. The song has a soothing feel and you can feel the emotions of the characters in the lyrics. 


‘Always’ By Yoonmirae

‘Always’ by Yoonmirae was the first track released from Vol I. The song was released a week after the first episode aired. Mirae maintained the top 5 place on the Korean music charts as well. The song clearly expresses the lead actress is deeply in love with the lead actor and is willing to wait for him. 


‘Everytime’ By EXO’s Chen and Punch

The song ‘Everytime’ is an upbeat track sung by EXO’s Chen and Punch. You can see the lead couple flirting with each other in the video. The song is perfect to lift your spirits up with and the fact that Chen from EXO was the singer made the song more popular across the globe. 


‘This Love’ By DAVICHI

The song ‘This Love’ by DAVICHI topped Melon, Genie, Naver, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Monkey 3, and Mnet music charts. The track remained in the top position for several weeks. The second lead couple Yoon MyungJoo and Seo DaeYoung had a lot of hardships throughout the series and at one point it seemed like they would never be together. DAVICHI expressed their feelings perfectly with their beautiful voice. 


‘Once Again’ By Mad Clown and Kim NaYoung

A perfect combo of complex rapping and powerful singing, the track perfectly portrays the feelings of the second lead couple. The helplessness the second couple, especially the second male lead faced, is clearly felt. 


‘Talk Love’ By K.will

Probably one of the brightest songs in the album, the track is beautifully sung by K.will. At the time of making the song, no one must have thought so, but the whistle part became the most memorable whistles of South Korea. 


‘With You’ By Lyn

The song ‘With You’ is picturised in the earthquake-torn zone and beautifully portrays the helplessness and the emotions both the teams were feeling as they were going about the rescue operations. 


‘By My Side’ By SG WANNABE

Love has no language, is clearly understandable with the song ‘By My Side’ as the song is picturised on the second lead couple when Yoon MyungJoo is affected with the virus, and Seo DaeYoung hears the news. The best dating moments can be seen in the flashback mode. Truly an amazing track by SG WANNABE.


‘Wind Beneath Your Wings’ By M.C THE MAX

Our lead couple faced a lot of low periods in their love life. The song ‘Wind beneath Your Wings’ portrays the feelings beautifully. Though the track was released in the 9th part, it was worth the wait. 


‘How Can I Love You’ By XIA (Kim JunSu)

The track ‘How Can I Love You’ was also the love confession of the lead actress. In the series Kang MoYeon plays the song from her smartphone and connects it to the loudspeaker to relax her patients. She leaves the room for some chores, Yoo ShiJin comes to the room to rest. As the song ends, MoYeon’s recorded love confession that she had not been able to send to ShiJin begins to play. The JYJ member topped the charts and got acclaimed as well. 


“Descendants of the Sun” OST Volume 1

‘Always’ by Yoonmirae

‘Everytime’ by EXO’s Chen and Punch

‘This Love’ by DAVICHI

‘You Are My Everything’ by Gummy

‘Once Again’ by Kim NaYoung ft. Mad Clown

‘Save The Day’ by Various Artists

‘Mission Part I’ by Various Artists

‘Time is Running Out’ by Various Artisits

‘Hidden Genius’ by Various Artists

‘Endless War’ by Various Artists

‘My Everything’ by Various Artists

‘Heart Break’ by Various Artists

‘Military Dignity’ by Various Artists

‘Mission Part II’ by Various Artists

‘I Love You’ by Various Artists

‘Aroma’ by Various Artists

‘War of Tomorrow’ by Various Artists

‘The Lover’ by Various Artists

‘You’re My Everything’ (English Version) by Gummy


“Descendants of the Sun” OST Volume 2

‘Talk Love’ by K.will

‘With You’ by Lyn

‘By My Side’ by SG WANNABE

‘Wind Beneath Your Wings’ by M.C THE MAX

‘How Can I Love You’ by XIA (Kim JunSu)

‘No More War’ by Various Artists

‘Always I Love You’ by Various Artists

‘Fighter’ by Various Artists

‘Mission 2: Epic Tension’ by Various Artists

‘Lonely Road’ by Various Artists

‘Vital Fantasy’ by Various Artists

‘Love You 2’ by Various Artists

‘Don’t Forget Me’ by Various Artists

‘Time is Running Out’ by Various Artists

‘Attention’ (Mission Version) by Various Artists

‘Move forward’ by Various Artists

‘Freedom’ by Various Artists

‘Attention’ O.R.I by Various Artists


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