10+ Moments From BTS Jungkook's First Weverse Live Of March 2023 You Need To See

10+ Moments From BTS Jungkook’s First Weverse Live Of March 2023 You Need To See

From his karaoke session to V stopping in, this was an eventful live stream!

BTS‘s Jungkook has kept fans busy with his frequent activity on Weaverespecially live streams. Fans were sure he’d be even more active now that he has deleted his Instagram, but were not expecting his first live of March to happen so soon!

Here are 11 must-see moments from the live!

1. His epic cover of TVXQ’s “Mirotic” was fantastic.

Listen to those VOCALS!

2. Calling out fans that were following him to private schedules.

We are glad he stood up for himself!

3. When V stopped in the livestream.

He shared some TMIs that fans loved seeing.

4. This close-up moment.

Hard to focus on what he was trying to show us.

5. His adlibs to “Despacito.”

He did his best.

6. Jungkook couldn’t resist dancing to “Hype Boy.”

We know Jungkook is a NewJeans fan!

7. His reaction to J-Hope’s “On The Street” Music Video

He couldn’t help but smile at his hyung!

8. Flexing His English

He tried to play it cool with this compliment from an ARMY, but ended up giggling.

9. This Justin Bieber Stan Moment.

Do you think he’s team Selena Gomez?

10. His face when he spilled beer.

How can he be so cute?

11. Even his snoring is cute.

Jungkook fell asleep at the end of the live before it was shut off.

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