10 K-Pop Idols Show Off Their Finger Heart

10 K-Pop Idols Show Off Their Finger Heart

10 K-Pop Idols Show Off Their Finger Heart

In the dynamic world of K-Pop, fashion and style are as integral as the music itself. Among the various trends set by these trendsetting idols, piercing styles have emerged as a significant aspect of their distinctive looks. K-Pop idols are known for their adventurous and bold fashion choices, and piercings are no exception. These styles range from subtle and elegant to bold and edgy, often reflecting the idols’ unique personalities and the personas they embody on stage.

Piercings, once a form of rebellion, have now become a mainstream avenue for self-expression, especially in the global phenomenon of K-Pop. Idols experimenting with various types of piercings, materials, and jewelry, whether faux or real often influence fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. This article explores five unique piercing styles that have been popularized by K-Pop idols.


1. TaeMin’s Iconic Ear-to-Nose Piercing in ‘Danger’

TaeMin‘s look in the music video for ‘Danger’ stands out prominently when discussing groundbreaking piercing styles in K-Pop. This SHINee member, known for his sleek dance moves and charismatic stage presence, took his fashion game to a new level with a striking ear-to-nose piercing. This particular style mirrored the song’s daring and seductive theme. It complemented both the bold, dramatic looks that Taemin is known for on stage. Additionally, it can be dialed back for a subtler, yet equally impactful, off-stage appearance.

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2. YeonJun’s Distinctive Ear-to-Lip Piercing in TXT’s ‘Puma’ Era

YeonJun of TXT (Tomorrow X Together) made a striking fashion statement during their ‘Puma’ era with an unconventional ear-to-lip piercing. This particular style choice showcased a unique blend of edginess and sophistication, further solidifying YeonJun’s reputation as a fashion-forward icon in the K-Pop industry. Moreover, this style choice played a significant role in the visual storytelling of the ‘Puma’ era. It symbolized the raw, animalistic, and rebellious themes of the song and the album, aligning perfectly with TXT’s narrative and musical exploration during this period. The piercing became a topic of discussion among fans and fashion circles, highlighting how K-Pop idols like YeonJun are not just musical artists but also trendsetters in fashion.

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3. Bang Chan’s Striking Nose Bridge Piercing during “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WaR”

The nose bridge piercing, a rare and unconventional choice in the world of K-Pop, involves a barbell piercing through the skin at the bridge of the nose. This piercing added an extra layer of intensity and edge to Bang Chan‘s look, perfectly aligning with Stray Kids‘ dynamic and powerful performance style. It symbolized a blend of rebellion and artistry, traits that are central to Stray Kids’ identity as a group. Bang Chan’s decision to sport this piercing on a high-profile show like “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” was significant. It demonstrated a fearless approach to fashion and a willingness to deviate from mainstream K-Pop aesthetics. The nose bridge piercing, with its bold and unconventional appeal, underscored Bang Chan’s and Stray Kids’ overall image as artists who constantly challenge norms and express themselves without constraints.


4. HyunA’s Trendsetting “Ashley” Piercing

HyunA, a trailblazer in the K-Pop industry, has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion and music. Her choice of an Ashley piercing showcases her fearless and trendsetting style. This style aligns perfectly with HyunA’s bold and unique persona on and off stage. The labret piercing complements HyunA’s distinctive fashion sense, often combining boldness, playfulness, and sensuality. This piercing adds an extra touch of edginess to her already dynamic look, further solidifying her status as a fashion icon. Moreover, the piercing complements the themes of empowerment and self-assurance often present in HyunA’s music. It reflects her artistic persona, blending seamlessly with the narratives and concepts of her songs and music videos.


5. Jungkook’s Double Bottom Lip Piercings

JungKook of BTS, known for his vocal prowess and dynamic stage presence, has also made a significant mark in the realm of K-Pop fashion. His decision to sport two bottom lip piercings added a new dimension to his style, showcasing his ability to blend classic looks with modern edginess. JungKook’s choice of two bottom lip piercings is a perfect example of how K-Pop idols use fashion to complement their music and personas. These piercings not only enhance his visual appeal but also serve as a symbol of his and BTS’s commitment to self-expression and authenticity.


The world of K-Pop is not just a showcase of musical talent but also a vibrant canvas of fashion and style. Their unique piercing choices – from Taemin’s ear-to-nose chain to JungKook’s double bottom lip piercings – serve as more than just accessories; they are extensions of their artistic personas and a reflection of their influence in shaping global fashion trends. These idols have turned piercings into powerful statements of individuality and creativity, inspiring fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As K-Pop continues to evolve, it remains a fascinating space where music, fashion, and personal expression converge in the most spectacular ways, influencing and inspiring a global audience.